Studio Montclair presents ‘Discovery in the Detail’

"Discovery in the Detail" at Studio Montclair was created onsite.

Studio Montclair’s happy accident: ‘By Chance’

By Chance Studio Montclair exhibition Featuring the work of Linda Aldrich, Danielle Cartier, Trish Classe Gianakis, Leslie Connito, Stephanie Cortazzo, Elizabeth DeMarco, Theresa DeSalvio, Andrea Epstein, Leslie Ford, Emily Gilman Beezley, Michelle Harpster, Daniel Hughes, Jeannine...

Scholastic award winners: students speak with images

Montclair students make art for the world's sake: Scholastic Awards winners use art to speak.
Unseen second graders

Black history in photos that never saw print

"Unseen" reveals New York Times photos of black history.

Work for art’s sake: ‘Making as Thinking’

Creativity sometimes comes in the making: that's the theme of "Making as Thinking," the new show in Studio Montclair's new home.

Culture in brief: Montclairites win Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

Montclair had five winners, with 11 awards, in the regional Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.

Culture in brief: The Maker Studio, shekere at The Creativity Caravan

The Maker Studio, featuring a class on making the African shekere, begins at The Creativity Caravan on Sunday.
Seed Artists at 73 See.

Culture in brief: concert and exhibitions at 73 See

A concert from Seed Artists, and upcoming exhibition, at 73 See Gallery.

Black History Month: African American cultural committee shows films

Two films about African-American films will be shown at MAM and MPL during Black History Month.

Finding home in the land: American artist Kay WalkingStick

Native American artist Kay WalkingStick reveals life in landscape.