Vote Montclair launches petition for referendum on elected school board

Montclair is one of only a small number of Type II school districts in New Jersey, in which the mayor appoints school board members. In the majority of school districts in the state, which are Type I districts, voters elect the members of the school board. 

Montclair man tried to lure boy for sex, AG says

He's also accused of sending child porn to minors.

Hundreds petition against monitoring Montclair students with GoGuardian

The school district has seen backlash, with students petitioning to stop GoGuardian, and parents left with privacy concerns and questions.

Snow piled up in Montclair this winter — so did crashes

Police say sideswipes and crashes into parked cars were up.

Montclair Citadel: Those serving homeless need vaccines soon, too

Up next: Educators, childcare workers, migrant farm workers, members of tribal communities and those experiencing homelessness.
non-essential businesses

NJ teachers eligible for vaccines March 15 — What does it mean for Montclair...

The school district is suing teachers, and parents are suing the school district, as classrooms remain closed to students.

For Montclair teens, a lesson not from a Holocaust ‘victim’ — but a survivor

Otto Salamon, who as a young boy endured the Holocaust with his family, told Montclair High School students about his experiences.

Montclair fencing: MHS team benefits from seniors who stayed despite COVID

As Montclair High School fencing wraps up another successful season, and coach Donovan Holtz gives a lot of credit for that to the seniors.

Montclair schools expect $2.4M bigger tax levy, still working on $6M hole

Figures as of a district budget presentation Feb. 17 still showed a $6 million deficit as the school system prepares its 2021-22 spending plan.

Contractors say lift system can’t be done at Orange Road Garage

The developers of the Orange Road garage say removing the part of the facility that includes a now-defunct vehicle lift system would be too costly, and cause a lengthy and messy construction period.