Montclair Football: Nareece Wright awarded Ryne Dougherty Ring

Every year the Montclair High School football team awards a senior the Ryne Dougherty Ring, and this year Nareece Wright was the easy choice.

Montclair football gets head start as other MHS teams look to Aug 17

Montclair coaches can get back to work on Aug. 17, but the MHS football team labeled themselves a club for the summer to get a head start.

Montclair Baseball: MHS, MKA seniors get one more shot on the diamond

Montclair baseball teams got back on the field during the Last Dance World Series, with Montclair High making the Sweet 16 before getting knocked out.

Montclair Athletics: Murphy OKs contact sports, MHS sets fall sports start date

With NJ Gov. Phil Murphy giving the green light to contact sports in the state, Montclair High School has set a start date for summer practices to Aug. 17.

Skate park, bike ramps and free-form sports fill a void

At the skate park, at home, in parks and on trails, Montclairians are finding "free-form" sports help them keep fit and happy.

Senior Athlete Spotlight: Ethan Greengrass, MHS, baseball

Montclair High School graduate may not have gotten the chance to defend the Mounties' 2019 Greater Newark Tournament win but the memories will last forever.

Senior Athlete Spotlight: Charlotte Carr, MHS, softball

One of the Montclair High School 2020 class of seniors, Charlotte Carr has missed softball but not her friends, as she prepares for college in the fall.

Athlete Spotlight: Andrew & Kevin Wallace, MHS, Tennis

Montclair High School twins Andrew and Kevin Wallace have done a lot together - especially in quarantine - but their paths seperate this fall in college.

Montclair Athletics: State gives go-ahead for July, but MHS coaches still await word

NJSIAA gives the go-ahead for high school practices starting July 13 but while MKA plans, MHS coaches must wait for hiring approval before they can work.

Senior Spotlight: Maya Roberts, Montclair High School, band

Montclair High School senior Maya Roberts is missing her friends in marching band, but filling time playing Animal Crossing and getting ready for college.