Senior Athlete Spotlight: Ethan Greengrass, MHS, baseball

Montclair High School graduate may not have gotten the chance to defend the Mounties' 2019 Greater Newark Tournament win but the memories will last forever.

Senior Athlete Spotlight: Charlotte Carr, MHS, softball

One of the Montclair High School 2020 class of seniors, Charlotte Carr has missed softball but not her friends, as she prepares for college in the fall.

Athlete Spotlight: Andrew & Kevin Wallace, MHS, Tennis

Montclair High School twins Andrew and Kevin Wallace have done a lot together - especially in quarantine - but their paths seperate this fall in college.

Montclair Athletics: State gives go-ahead for July, but MHS coaches still await word

NJSIAA gives the go-ahead for high school practices starting July 13 but while MKA plans, MHS coaches must wait for hiring approval before they can work.

Senior Spotlight: Maya Roberts, Montclair High School, band

Montclair High School senior Maya Roberts is missing her friends in marching band, but filling time playing Animal Crossing and getting ready for college.

Montclair High great Bruce Taylor leaves behind a legacy of memories

Bruce Taylor, one of the legendary Montclair Mounties 1964 championship team, passed away this week, leaving behind a rich history of wonderful memories.

CP Soccer goes global, while social distancing

CP Soccer hosted more than 110 players from six continents in a historic online soccer training session last Saturday, May 16.

Athlete Spotlight: Isis Arevalo, track & field, Montclair High School, senior

Montclair High School senior Isis Arevalo is still running even without track, finding solace in the shutdown as she helps her sister with schoolwork.

Athlete Spotlight: Yael Gelman, lacrosse, Montclair High School senior

Montclair High School senior lacrosse player Yael Gelman may not be seeing her friends in school, but she's spending time connecting online.

Obituary: Coach Andy Giuliano leaves a deep legacy behind in Montclair

While Montclair baseball lost a great advocate when Andy Giuliano recently passed away, his legacy in the town will ensure he is never forgotten.