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WEEKEND POLL: Tighter dog regulations?

This week we reported on the story of 4-year-old, Mochi, a Zuchon-Shih Tzu-Bichon dog, that was attacked by an American bulldog Saturday, March 9, in the area of Mount Hebron Road and died from...

WEEKEND POLL: A no-knockdown law for Montclair?

Earlier this week, we reported on the Montclair Township Council expressing its wishes for a stronger no-knockdown law to prevent the razing of older homes in town, in the wake of the demolition of...
left hand turn

WEEKEND POLL: Left turns into Lackawanna Plaza?

Earlier this week, we reported that the council is against plans from the Lackawanna Plaza developer that would allow left-hand turns into and out of a new planned supermarket entrance on Grove Street.Council members...
SAFE Streets

Weekend Poll: Should Montclair have dedicated bike paths?

This week Jaimie Julia Winters reported on Montclair’s SAFE Complete Streets implementation plan, which provides a framework for pedestrian, bicyclist and vehicular safety options when a street is scheduled for repaving and therefore would...

Weekend Poll: Should BOE members be elected or appointed?

Last week we reported on a group of residents who are looking into whether school board members should be appointed or elected.


Earlier this week, we reported on the plans for the Montclair parklets  this summer. A “parklet” – a mini-temporary park that can fit in any on-street parking space – offers a quiet spot for people to...
Ditch the bag

WEEKEND POLL: Do you support a plastic bag ban in Montclair?

Last week, we wrote that the Montclair Mayor and Council may vote at its April meeting to ban single-use plastic bags from all businesses, a move that would require merchants to comply by July.The...

Weekend Poll: Library overdue fees, good or bad?

The Montclair Public Library will no longer be overdue fees on materials in the hopes of increasing users.

Weekend poll: Should libraries censor books, DVDs, content?

This week Montclair Local's reporter Gwen Orel reported on the reinstallation of a controversial Trump painting removed from an exhibit at the Montclair Public Library due to explicit language.The painting, Gwenn Seemel’s “Hello Sh*tty,...

Weekend poll: How should Montclair regulate leaf blowers?

Should Montclair ban gas leaf blowers?