Weekend poll: Parking in Montclair

This week's poll is on parking in Montclair.

Weekend Poll: Library overdue fees, good or bad?

The Montclair Public Library will no longer be overdue fees on materials in the hopes of increasing users.
meal distribution

Weekend Poll: Should all students be offered free breakfast?

Over 1,000 Montclair children are eligible for free and reduced-price breakfast but only about 13 percent take advantage of it.
SAFE Streets

Weekend Poll: Should Montclair have dedicated bike paths?

This week Jaimie Julia Winters reported on Montclair’s SAFE Complete Streets implementation plan, which provides a framework for pedestrian, bicyclist and vehicular safety options when a street is scheduled for repaving and therefore would...

Weekend poll: Should district put off high school construction?

This week Montclair Local’s reporter Erin Roll reported that district officials are weighing putting off asbestos removal due to having to move students out of the high school on May 20 with an abbreviated...

Weekend poll: Should libraries censor books, DVDs, content?

This week Montclair Local's reporter Gwen Orel reported on the reinstallation of a controversial Trump painting removed from an exhibit at the Montclair Public Library due to explicit language.The painting, Gwenn Seemel’s “Hello Sh*tty,...

WEEKEND POLL: Should Montclair have rent control?

Rentals make up 42 percent of the housing market here in Montclair. But with no rent-control ordinance in place, and new owners taking over buildings, long-term renters are seeing their rents rise as much...

Weekend Poll: Should BOE members be elected or appointed?

Last week we reported on a group of residents who are looking into whether school board members should be appointed or elected.
Ditch the bag

WEEKEND POLL: Do you support a plastic bag ban in Montclair?

Last week, we wrote that the Montclair Mayor and Council may vote at its April meeting to ban single-use plastic bags from all businesses, a move that would require merchants to comply by July.The...

WEEKEND POLL: Tighter dog regulations?

This week we reported on the story of 4-year-old, Mochi, a Zuchon-Shih Tzu-Bichon dog, that was attacked by an American bulldog Saturday, March 9, in the area of Mount Hebron Road and died from...