Town Square: Planned Parenthood president CEO says ‘Our doors are open’

 "Town Square" is Montclair Local's space for longer-form opinion essays designed to generate discussion on specific topics affecting our town. Topics and submissions should be emailed to for approval at least one week...

Town Square: MAM statue’s placement worth saving

By Lisanne RennerBefore the now-landmarked Montclair Art Museum was built, the museum was already the proud owner of a sculpture that had won a silver medal at the famed Paris Exposition of 1900:  “The...

Town Square: Time to move municipal elections to November

By Debra CaplanIn November 2018, Montclair voters turned out for the midterm elections, with a robust 64 percent of registered voters showing up at the polls.But our municipal elections, held every four years...

Town Square: Mega-mansions: the other side of the story

By Dorothea Benton FrankTown Square is a space for longer-form essays from Montclair residents designed to generate discussion on specific topics affecting the town. They solely reflect the opinions of the author. Topics and...

Town Square: A misguided decision on Lackawanna Plaza

By Caroline Kane LevyCaroline Kane Levy is 15-year resident of Montclair, a commissioner on the Montclair Historic Preservation Commission and deputy director of Preservation at the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission. She writes...

Town Square: It’s Sundance, only Jerseyer- and that’s fine with me.

Montclair Films founder and chairman of the board Bob Feinberg writes about Sundance, recalling how the festival inspired him to start Montclair Film.

Town Square: What to know about Lackawanna

By David Greenbaum, Caroline Kane Levy and John ReimnitzDavid Greenbaum, a design professional, and architect John Reimnitz are Montclair residents and members of the town Historic Preservation Commission. Caroline Kane Levy, a Montclair resident, is deputy director...
demonstration garden

Town Square: A demonstration garden is the new kid in town at Crane Park

A demonstration garden is the new kid in town at Crane Park: with a pollinator and bird garden integrating edible plants.

Montclair Local Town Square: What’s our roadblock to achievement?

by PAULA WHITE Special to Montclair Local If you haven’t yet seen the New Jersey Monthly magazine’s Top 100 High Schools list in its September 2018 issue, consider this a spoiler alert and stop reading now....
Jean Clark

Montclair Local Town Square: Jean Clark had a vision for Earth

by GRAY RUSSELL Special to Montclair Local When Montclair resident Jean Clark was a little girl, her family spent summers at the Adirondack camp owned by her grandfather, C.W. Anderson. There, during the 1930s, she developed...