Town Square: Planned Parenthood president CEO says ‘Our doors are open’

 "Town Square" is Montclair Local's space for longer-form opinion essays designed to generate discussion on specific topics affecting our town. Topics and submissions should be emailed to for approval at least one week...

We should prioritize Black, brown, Indigenous people for vaccines (Town Square)

Dr. Renée Baskerville proposes a campaign for Montclair: 'We’re Going to Be … COVID FREE!'

Town Square: A movement, not a moment

In order for the district to address the institutional racism that exists in our town, we must include as many voices and perspectives of black individuals as possible. There is so much that still needs to be said, so I wish everyone reading the love and liberation needed to hear us and fight alongside us.

Town Square: 5/11/17

By Candy Cooper I can’t decide where this story begins, though I know that I came to it in the middle and along the margins. Does it start in 1998, when a spirited 9-year-old girl,...

Montclair Local Town Square: What’s our roadblock to achievement?

by PAULA WHITE Special to Montclair Local If you haven’t yet seen the New Jersey Monthly magazine’s Top 100 High Schools list in its September 2018 issue, consider this a spoiler alert and stop reading now....

Town Square: bringing the circus to Montclair

Montclair Film's Bob Feinberg reports on his trip to Sundance, and how it made him a film buff.
demonstration garden

Town Square: A demonstration garden is the new kid in town at Crane Park

A demonstration garden is the new kid in town at Crane Park: with a pollinator and bird garden integrating edible plants.

12 reasons Montclair should keep its appointed school board (Town Square)

The League of Women voters argues and elected school board wouldn't necessarily be more democratic than Montclair's appointed one.

Montclair, step up and COVID-test kids returning to school (Town Square)

Parent Eric Kim says the Montclair community has the resources to make it happen.