Town Square: Mega-mansions: the other side of the story

By Dorothea Benton FrankTown Square is a space for longer-form essays from Montclair residents designed to generate discussion on specific topics affecting the town. They solely reflect the opinions of the author. Topics and...

Town Square: 4/6/17

By Bob Russo, at-large Township Councilman As a teenager growing up in Newark in the 1950 and ’60s, I helped my father run his small business while attending great public schools. I saw him support President...

Town square: Honoring and connecting, with a bench

Due of COVID-19, Lauren Kiesewetter had to cancel her late husband Theo's Celebration of Life. Now, she connects to him when she sits on his bench.

Old Montclair, new Montclair: we’re all neighbors

by Robin Ehrlichman Woodsfor Montclair Local I wasn’t born in Montclair, and don’t have generations of relatives living here. We are first-generation residents, and that will probably stay the same in the future. That’s not...

How we can move away from gas-powered leaf blowers (Town Square)

Writer Peter Holm of Quiet Montclair says moving away from gas-powered leaf blowers can be done — and he has a plan.

Town Square: Time to move municipal elections to November

By Debra CaplanIn November 2018, Montclair voters turned out for the midterm elections, with a robust 64 percent of registered voters showing up at the polls.But our municipal elections, held every four years...

Town Square: 4/13/17

By Cary Africk Montclair is a town with a big heart. We stand up for those less fortunate and respond with hard work and commitment. We seek to do “the right thing.” We support diversity. We...

Town Square: A movement, not a moment

In order for the district to address the institutional racism that exists in our town, we must include as many voices and perspectives of black individuals as possible. There is so much that still needs to be said, so I wish everyone reading the love and liberation needed to hear us and fight alongside us.

Town Square: bringing the circus to Montclair

Montclair Film's Bob Feinberg reports on his trip to Sundance, and how it made him a film buff.

12 reasons Montclair should keep its appointed school board (Town Square)

The League of Women voters argues and elected school board wouldn't necessarily be more democratic than Montclair's appointed one.