Look past Trump, and make the flag something we all honor again (Letter)

Writer Felix E. Cruz says when he drove around Montclair this Fourth of July, only about 10% of homes had flags out in front.

Montclair, we must do more to protect transgender community (Town Square)

Celeste Fiore of the Trans Affirming Alliance was disheartened by pushback against Montclair's new law making single-user bathrooms gender-neutral.

Don’t let xenophobia take root in Montclair. Reject Kahane’s racism (Town Square)

The author of a letter to the editor said Meir Kahane shouldn't be dismissed as a racist. "This assertion is clearly wrong," Kevin Dawud Amin writes.

Cutting Montclair funds puts Bellevue Ave. branch in danger (Town square)

Writer Cordelia Siporin says the funding level shows "a disturbing lack of leadership, poor priorities and an embarrassingly bad sense of optics and timing."

Climate change is real, it’s urgent, and we can fight it in Montclair (Town...

Writer David Korfhage says there are specific steps we should take as individuals, and Montclair should take as a township.
Peter Yacobellis

Out Montclair: To celebrate, support our LGBTQ+ community (Town square)

"Imagine public educational programs, a Montclair Pride Festival, special outings for seniors, youth programming, and recreational and other events," Peter Yacobellis writes.

You can now buy from dozens of Montclair shops online (Town Square)

Also: The Montclair Center BID urges you to buy gift cards to support local businesses that need a cash infusion now, during the pandemic.

I worked for Cuomo, he was a hero to me — and he should...

Montclair Councilman Peter Yacobellis was deputy director of administrative services for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo from 2011 to 2014.
elected BOE

6 reasons Montclair should have an elected board of education

Estep Nagy says "our school battles are now national news, and not in the good way, an easy shorthand for what to avoid."

We should prioritize Black, brown, Indigenous people for vaccines (Town Square)

Dr. Renée Baskerville proposes a campaign for Montclair: 'We’re Going to Be … COVID FREE!'