Protect Montclair’s values: Select the BOE with a caucus, then appointments (Town square)

Dr. Renée Baskerville argues big, outside money is already influencing Montclair elections — and proposes a change to the school board appointment system, rather than eliminating it.

Preventable downtown Montclair parking crisis (Town Square)

BY MARTIN SCHWARTZ Special to Montclair LocalLast week’s rushed, 4-3 council vote to modify Montclair’s downtown commercial parking zoning laws was just another sad display of our mayor and current Township Council’s "leading from behind"...

Reflection on High Holy Days in the pandemic: Don’t repeat the errors of the...

Rabbi David Greenstein asks: "Do we wish to return to systemic inequality and hatred or are we ready to build a better community and society?"

Give Montclair an elected school board, for accountability and transparency (Town Square)

By SERGIO GONZALEZ Special to Montclair LocalThe upcoming referendum on whether Montclair should switch from an appointed to elected board of education model is very different from the other choices township voters face.Unlike the normal...

A proposal: Have Montclair’s deputy mayor appoint school board (Town Square)

The Montclair League of Women Voters proposes an alternative to having Mayor Sean Spiller, president of the NJEA, pick school board members.

As we approach the 20th anniversary of 9/11, I commend our heroes (Town Square)

Councilman Peter Yacobellis writes: "Growing up, I looked up to comic book superheroes. But it was this experience following 9/11 that showed me the real ones."

I’m outraged, and I’m scared of the Montclair schools opening plan (Town square)

Parent Melanie Robbins says she doesn't feel safe with the current precautions taken to avoid coronavirus spread.

Look past Trump, and make the flag something we all honor again (Letter)

Writer Felix E. Cruz says when he drove around Montclair this Fourth of July, only about 10% of homes had flags out in front.

Montclair, we must do more to protect transgender community (Town Square)

Celeste Fiore of the Trans Affirming Alliance was disheartened by pushback against Montclair's new law making single-user bathrooms gender-neutral.

Don’t let xenophobia take root in Montclair. Reject Kahane’s racism (Town Square)

The author of a letter to the editor said Meir Kahane shouldn't be dismissed as a racist. "This assertion is clearly wrong," Kevin Dawud Amin writes.