Denying demolition of this Montclair home doesn’t help anyone (Letter to the editor)

Rich McMahan writes: "I’m at a loss to understand how an uninhabitable, asbestos-ridden structure benefits the owners, the neighborhood or Montclair."

I’m undecided, but concerned about an elected Montclair school board (Letter to the Editor)

Carol Schlein writes: "We don’t have to vote for everything to support democracy."

Show our Montclair neighbors the respect we afford to historic houses (Town Square)

Max Goldman writes: "The commission should not be allowed to place that burden on the emotional well-being and wallets of well-intentioned neighbors who simply want to live in their own home in a town they love. "

I’m Noah Gale, and I’ll be Montclair’s first school board candidate (Letter to the...

"I am a Montclair High School Class of 2018 alumnus and I love everything about the school system," Noah Gale writes.

Montclair case shows why NJ should be able to decertify cops (Letter to the...

Marc Krupanski writes it's "not just a matter of accountability and justice, but a fundamental component of community safety and democratic governance."
elected BOE

Letter to Montclair schools: Open windows further, get more HEPA purifiers (Town Square)

Justin Klabin is a Montclair parent, and certified indoor air quality manager, says the steps Montclair schools are taking for COVID safety aren't nearly enough.

Reflection on High Holy Days in the pandemic: Don’t repeat the errors of the...

Rabbi David Greenstein asks: "Do we wish to return to systemic inequality and hatred or are we ready to build a better community and society?"

New Jersey must protect reproductive rights (Letter to the Editor)

Women seek abortions for many reasons, and all need to be protected, Maria Eva Dorigo writes.

Give Montclair an elected school board, for accountability and transparency (Town Square)

By SERGIO GONZALEZ Special to Montclair LocalThe upcoming referendum on whether Montclair should switch from an appointed to elected board of education model is very...

A proposal: Have Montclair’s deputy mayor appoint school board (Town Square)

The Montclair League of Women Voters proposes an alternative to having Mayor Sean Spiller, president of the NJEA, pick school board members.