It’s worth ‘opting up’ to 100% clean energy in Montclair (Letter)

Writer David Korfhage says don't just stay in the Sustainable Essex Alliance — choose to pay about $5 a month for cleaner energy.

I’m against legal marijuana, but at least do it fairly (Letter)

Writer Thomas J. Russo, a former Montclair police chief, worries about disproportionate enforcement on minority and urban communities.

Montclair should help landscapers move on from gas-powered blowers (Letter)

Writer Peter Holm of Quiet Montclair says he's looking forward to some peaceful days without the noise of gas-powered leaf blowers, but there's more to it.

Why does a union decide if our family can return to Montclair schools? (Letter)

Writer Tom Stults says if he were a teacher, he'd "proudly return to my classroom."

Praise for Essex’s vaccination program (Letter)

Writer Alfred Berutti says the county is running a clean, efficient operation.

We’re just making Montclair’s leaf-blower rules better (Letter)

Writer Bob Russo, a Montclair Township councilman, says he advocated for the earlier rules in the 1990s as well.

Cap unused sick, vacation time for public employees (Letter)

Writer Sandra Lang says she's not surprised taxes are high, if employees who have left still get paid.

Demonizing Mayor Spiller, MEA won’t open Montclair schools (Letter)

Writer David Grill says once teachers are vaccinated, then it's time to open schools.

Vaccine is a hot ticket; I’m grateful I got one at First Montclair House...

Writer Grange Habermann says getting a vaccine is a lot like getting a ticket to see the Pope — or Elton John.

We seniors aren’t victims — we’re creative, adventurous souls (Town Square)

Seniors may be more vulnerable, Leah Johnston-Rowbotham says — but they have lots to contribute to Montclair and beyond.