YOUR VOICE: How do you feel about the upcoming Montclair elections?

WEEKEND POLL: How do you feel about the upcoming Montclair elections

Letters to the Editor, April 23

Letters on any subject can be e-mailed to, or mailed and addressed to “Letters To The Editor,” 309 Orange Road, Montclair NJ, 07042....

Letters to the Editor, April 16

Rent control: Homeowners will pick up brunt of taxes How much taxes can we or should we have to bear? Last week, during a teleconference...

TOWN SQUARE: Our grandparents rose to the occasion, we can too

On Oct. 12, 1918, the Montclair Times published the State Health Department’s recommendations to contain the spread of the Spanish Flu.

Letters to the Editor, April 9

Your vote for mayor in 2020 Our local elections are nonpartisan. In these days of polarization, that is something we should celebrate. Unlike our last...

Letters to the Editor, April 2

Fourth Ward supermarket would have helped now During these hard pandemic times that we fear will last a while, a supermarket would have made a...

Town Square: Memories of Adam Schlesinger by fellow Montclairite Warren Zanes

In a special Town Square, Warren Zanes reflects on the passing of fellow Montclair resident and musician Adam Schlesinger and shares some memories.

Town Square: A primer on Montclair government

Montclair voters will vote for a mayor and council in the township's municipal elections, which will be held via mail-in ballot on May 12.

Letters to the Editor, March 26

Council candidate writes on ‘times of crisis’ As the global health crisis being caused by COVID-19 and the coronavirus escalates in our communities, so too...

Letters to the Editor, March 19

Leaf Blowers and COVID-19 During this time of the Coronavirus causing the self-quarantine and the restrictions imposed by the government, state and the town of...