Montclair’s special education students shouldn’t be overlooked (Letter)

Writer Susan Marro says "I hope such a careless oversight never occurs again."

I’m worried kids will mimic trusted adults using pot (Letter)

Writer Thomas J. Russo says politicians don't have a clue about drug culture.

Montclair, we must do more to protect transgender community (Town Square)

Celeste Fiore of the Trans Affirming Alliance was disheartened by pushback against Montclair's new law making single-user bathrooms gender-neutral.

Great appreciation for Gray Russell (Letter)

Great article about the work and retirement of Gray Russell in the June 10 edition of Montclair Local. I have appreciated many aspects of...

Both parties fail us when it comes to immigration (Letter)

Writer Jim Price says: "The opportunists who control both parties need to do better and come up with a path to citizenship for all."

Don’t let xenophobia take root in Montclair. Reject Kahane’s racism (Town Square)

The author of a letter to the editor said Meir Kahane shouldn't be dismissed as a racist. "This assertion is clearly wrong," Kevin Dawud Amin writes.

I learned so much, had so much joy at Charles Bullock (letter)

Writer London Shemo says even in virtual learning, she felt the joy of connection with her peers and teachers.
interim principal

Spend on restorative justice, not a resource officer (Letter)

Writer Maria Eva Dorigo says there are more urgent needs for Montclair Schools than a resource officer.

Two ways Montclair schools failed us (Letter)

Jack May writes: "Most people of good will are forgiving of mistakes, but not of coverups."

The Montclair Public Library needs our support (Letter)

By now, I feel like a broken record. Yet, if something is worth saying, it bears repeating. Please support the Montclair Public Library. It...