3 days of recycling yard access just isn’t working (Letter)

Writer Belinda Plutz says six days of access are needed, and suggests recruiting volunteers if necessary.

Gwen Orel, I miss you and wish you well (Letter)

Writer Grange Rutan Habermann remembers Gwen's time with Montclair Local fondly, and wishes her well.

It’s a good time to join the Red Cross (Letter)

Writer Izumi Hara says you can make a difference.

Katie York made lives better for seniors, all of Montclair (Letter)

Writer Augusta Ellen Madyun wishes a fond farewell to Montclair's departing senior services director.

We should prioritize Black, brown, Indigenous people for vaccines (Town Square)

Dr. Renée Baskerville proposes a campaign for Montclair: 'We’re Going to Be … COVID FREE!'

Why I worry about our kids and cops after final marijuana bill (Letter)

Writer Thomas Russo predicts because of this new law, deaths involving teenagers and adults driving vehicles will soar.

Katie York did amazing things for Montclair’s seniors (Letter)

The director of Senior Services/Lifelong Montclair for Montclair Township is moving on.

Congrats to new Montclair library trustees president (Letter)

Writer Edward Robin also says he hopes the township can find resources to continue supporting the library, even in the pandemic.

Suspending services? Then Montclair needs a tax holiday (Letter)

Writer Adam Buchanan says between suspended recycling and closed school buildings, it's time to give Montclair's taxpayers a break.

Montclair University admin accused of abuse has done so much good (Letter)

Writer Karen DeChino said she was 'compelled to shine a light on all the good work' Jedediah Wheeler has done for the arts.