Protect Montclair’s values: Select the BOE with a caucus, then appointments (Town square)

Dr. Renée Baskerville argues big, outside money is already influencing Montclair elections — and proposes a change to the school board appointment system, rather than eliminating it.
elected BOE

Let the excellence under Montclair’s appointed BOE continue (Letter to the Editor)

Janice Victor worries if voters must approve budgets, families without children won't approve school spending.

Don’t let incumbents coast — there should be a 34th District debate (Letter to...

"To not have a debate would be no different than running unopposed," Robert Crook says.

NJ Poor People’s Campaign pushing for widespread change (Letters to the Editor)

NJ Poor People’s Campaign held a barbecue in Montclair.

Ticketing cars at broken meters is unfair, will hurt Montclair retailers (Letter to the...

Barbara Rudy said if she'd been an out-of-towner dealing with the hassle she ran into at Watchung Plaza, she wouldn't come back.

Montclair can innovate once again with an appointed school board (Town Square)

The League of Women Voters of the Montclair area argues an advisory committee would only make the appointment process fairer.
Peter Yacobellis

Push power to the people: Give Montclair an elected school board (Town Square)

Voters will decide in a referendum this November if Montclair should continue having a mayor-appointed Board of Education, or an elected board.

Preventable downtown Montclair parking crisis (Town Square)

BY MARTIN SCHWARTZ Special to Montclair LocalLast week’s rushed, 4-3 council vote to modify Montclair’s downtown commercial parking zoning laws was just another sad display...

I wish more Montclair shops were open Friday nights (Letter to the Editor)

Letter writer Aurora De Juliis Carluccio was in the mood to shop, but that mood has passed.

Montclair’s Historic Preservation Commission followed all the rules (Letter to the editor)

Frank Rubacky, a former member of the Historic Preservation Commission, says its integrity isn't the problem.