Letters to the editor, June 7

  If not Edgemont Park, where else is Montclair’s senior center? Mayor Jackson’s remarks that Edgemont Park House is “not a senior center” and so does...

Ask Task: Baby bird is flying! or not! Parents worry

Whether your child is leaving the nest or staying in it too long, Ask Task has advice.

Letters to the editor, May 31

‘Shedding’ light on shameful Lackawanna obstruction After four years of fooling around, we finally get a serious offer of development at the abandoned Lackawanna site...

Letters to the editor, May 24

Montclair loses grand estate The former home of Montclair African-American business and athletic leader Aubrey Lewis, built in 1907 by renowned Montclair Arts and Crafts...

Letters to the editor, May 17

Amphitheater again? An MHS graduation fail I am writing on behalf of myself and several other Montclair High School parents with graduating seniors. It is beyond...

Ask Task: Parents wonder, is it OK to let kids fail?

By ALLISON TASK For Montclair LocalAllison Task is a career and life coach in Montclair who hosts the WMTR radio show “Find My Thrive.” Her...

Letters to the editor, May 1

Be sure to vote in the June 5 primary As many of you are already aware, in 2012 most of Upper Montclair was moved into the...

Robin’s nest: Time is right for feeling groomy

Robin Woods spruces up for spring.

College Bound: decisions, decisions and college choices

National College Decision Day is May 1. Are you ready?

Letters to the editor, April 26

Taking responsibility I started this letter after the Parkland shooting, at a time when the memory was fresh in my mind. I wish I could say...