Montclair, please don’t let fear and anger win (Letter)

Writer Ted Graham says in this tough, acrimonious time, Montclair needs to come together.

It’s a time for renewal at Montclair Local (Letter from the Editor)

We're welcoming new staff, embracing our nonprofit mission and working toward greater transparency.

Make sure everyone knows Montclair’s new rules for leaf blowers (Letter)

Writer Leah Katz says the restrictions are a first step; she looks forward to seeing them banned entirely.

Area in need of rehabilitation: Back to the well, again (Letter)

The Planning Board has been asked to determine if the Bellevue Theatre should be considered an area in need of redevelopment.

Letters to the editor, Aug. 31

A neighborhood ruined I am watching my neighborhood being destroyed. The Crosby Bar which has recently opened at the corner of Forest and Claremont has now opened a biergarten. Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night...

Letters to the editor, April 19

Town is getting a free ride on our sidewalks Lately, Montclair has initiated a program which mandates that residential sidewalks, those that are public walkways, be inspected and if necessary, repaired or replaced by the...

Letters to the editor, Dec. 6

Plastic useReduce, Reuse, Recycle has been drilled into my brain from my first days of Kindergarten to my senior year of high school. Yes, recycling is important, but it is not the best and...

Letters to the editor, July 25

Not the town it was when we moved hereWe've been living here now for over 11 years, and we've enjoyed the benefits of a vibrant, culturally diverse small city that managed, in many ways,...

Letters to the Editor, March 19

Leaf Blowers and COVID-19 During this time of the Coronavirus causing the self-quarantine and the restrictions imposed by the government, state and the town of Montclair, I think it is imperative to ban the use...

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 29

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 29