Marijuana a hazard to our roads (Letter)

Writer Thomas J. Russo, a former Montclair police chief, predicts lawyers will have a field day with testimony from drug recognition experts.

Letters to the Editor, Dec. 5

MHS lockdown should be a wake-up callLast week’s lockdown at Montclair High School and Renaissance Middle School was a real wake-up call. The district was lucky. No one was physically injured in the incident,...

Letters to the editor, Dec. 14

Ice cream shop’s logo is unprofessional, disrespectful Last week’s article about the Dairy Air ice cream shop (“A chilly reception, page A-1”) got to my core. I agreed wholeheartedly with Amy Tingle, co-founder and owner...
Montclair Ambulance Unit

Celebrate EMS week with Montclair Ambulance Unit (Letter)

"For the team at Montclair Ambulance Unit, every day is EMT Day," the writers say.

I’m worried kids will mimic trusted adults using pot (Letter)

Writer Thomas J. Russo says politicians don't have a clue about drug culture.

Letters to the editor, Oct. 18

On plastic bagsI saw your recent coverage on Montclair’s plastic bag use and wanted to share two new studies with results that may surprise you: two governments — Quebec and Denmark — recently completed...

Want more active Montclair police? Stop demonizing them (Letter)

Writer Mike O'Connell says police "have been painted with a broad brush as being trigger-happy racists by agenda-driven political activists."

Congrats to new Montclair library trustees president (Letter)

Writer Edward Robin also says he hopes the township can find resources to continue supporting the library, even in the pandemic.

Montclair GOP, be more upset by riot than request to condemn it (Letter)

Wrtter Nathaniel Kolodny says he's flabbergasted by the GOP Club's demand for an apology from Councilman Bob Russo.

I hope Montclair landlords feel the powerlessness that renters know (Letter)

Writer Zachary Miller says even with rent control, "the struggle continues on course."