Letters to the Editor, March 19

Leaf Blowers and COVID-19 During this time of the Coronavirus causing the self-quarantine and the restrictions imposed by the government, state and the town of Montclair, I think it is imperative to ban the use...

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 29

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 29

Cap unused sick, vacation time for public employees (Letter)

Writer Sandra Lang says she's not surprised taxes are high, if employees who have left still get paid.

Immigrants here without authorization need COVID relief, too (Letter)

Trish Perlmutter of Partners for Women and Justice says "Meaningful stimulus funding for immigrant workers will provide a lifeline to immigrant families."

Don’t dismiss Rabbi Meir Kahane as racist (Letter)

Writer Howard Myerowitz says the ultranationalist Rabbi only hated people who hated Jews. Kahane's Jewish Defense League is considered a terrorist organization by the FBI.

Letters to the editor, Nov. 16

On the closing of the Bellevue Theatre The abrupt closure of the Bellevue Theatre is disappointing. The theater has been part of the Upper Montclair landscape for generations. I hope that it can continue doing...

Letters to the editor, July 12

Jean Clark was a visionary To second Gray Russell’s heartfelt devotional to the late Jean Clark (“Town Square: Jean Clark had a vision for earth,” July 6), add to her list of environmental achievements for...

Letters to the editor, Feb. 28

Our federal state of emergencyVery few, if any, of the claims of a national security emergency at our borders with Mexico appear to be true; at least not urgent enough to pull President Donald...

Letters to the editor, Oct. 17

Freeholder Brendan Gill responds to letter from constituentI wanted to take this opportunity to respond to Michael Laser’s letter to the editor published in the Sept. 26 edition of Montclair Local. First and foremost,...

Letters to the Editor, May 28

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