Don’t disparage LWV’s choices for Montclair Local school board forum (Letter to the editor)

Susan Mack of the LWV says the group chose two people 'who will most ably represent our position' for the forum.

Montclair, our nightmares are already here with appointed BOE (Letter to the Editor)

Andrew Gideon argues there's already big money in Montclair politics, but special interests only have to get a single mayor in place to have sway over schools.

An elected BOE is accountable to the people of Montclair (Letter to the editor)

Debra Caplan argues a mayor-appointed board of education has no real incentive to heed the complaints and concerns of residents.

Why won’t Montclair League of Women Voters leaders debate elected BOE question personally? (Letter)

The League of Women Voters will send two representatives to a Montclair Local forum on the school board referendum — but former BOE member Sergio Gonzalez says the LWV leaders should take part in the debate themselves.

A political process for Montclair school board means a lot of risk (Letter to...

Former Montclair Mayor Ed Remsen said an elected board warns: "We’ve seen [big political money] at the local, state and national levels, and it’s not pretty."

Celebrate and support the Montclair library (Letter to the Editor)

Edward Robin and Cordelia Siporin celebrate the services that have been restored, but say more funding is needed to reach pre-pandemic levels.

Lots of luck, lots of learning: Montclair Library’s Little Read No. 13 a huge...

Library Director Peter Coyl celebrates the enthusiasm and participation of the community for helping make the annual event happen.

An elected board could jeopardize Montclair’s magnet schools (Letter to the Editor)

Cynthia M. Rogers also worries an elected school board could lead to one-issue candidates.

Three ways for Montclair residents to vote (Letter to the Editor)

The League of Women Voters writes: "Voting brings us together as Americans. This election is about our jobs, our health, our communities, our security and our future. Take control and commit to vote on or by Nov. 2."

An elected BOE will endanger Montclair’s diverse, inclusive future (Letter to the Editor)

"In my view," writer Judith Rich says, "an elected school board will eventually mean the end of that struggle" to preserve Montclair's magnet system and the diversity it encourages.