Letters to the editor, March 1

Protecting our school children and teachers Having graduated from both the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia and the U.S. Secret Service Dignitary Protection School in Washington, D.C., I offer the following information. The U.S. Secret Service...

Letters to the editor, Nov. 16

On the closing of the Bellevue Theatre The abrupt closure of the Bellevue Theatre is disappointing. The theater has been part of the Upper Montclair landscape for generations. I hope that it can continue doing...

Letters to the editor, April 6

Giving thanks for a new senior center March 28, 2017, was an historic day for our Montclair seniors. The passing of Resolution R-17-090: Resolution to Affirm Commitment to Establish a Comprehensive Senior Center in Montclair...

Mayor, why doesn’t Montclair trust voters on rent control, too? (Letter)

Ron Simoncini of the Montclair Property Owners Association asks: "Why can voters in Montclair be trusted to choose the mechanism for school board membership, but they cannot be trusted to decide if they want rent control?"

A library is not a luxury — Don’t starve Montclair’s of funds (Letter)

Writer Irena Goldstein says: "One would think that the council, including the mayor, would want to get ahead of the story and offer an explanation for this decrease to the public."

An elected Montclair BOE is harder to influence with campaign cash (Letter)

Clifford Kulwin says it's a lot harder to influence elections for nine positions than just one.

Letters to the Editor, Dec. 19

Driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants There is a proposal in the New Jersey State Legislature (S3229) that would allow an additional 719,000 New Jersey residents to qualify for a driver’s license. This would benefit not...

What I’ve learned from getting COVID at age 89 (Town Square)

David Jones says at his age, it's very possible his life was saved by a Mountainside nurse and the good work that went into the Moderna vaccine.

Montclair needs good BOE candidates, appointed or elected (Letter to the editor)

Katie Toledano says neither the appointed or elected system, by itself, transparently vets qualified candidates.

Bravo for reopening the Clairidge — but one concern (Letter to the editor)

I've seen hundreds of movies at the Clairidge — and was sorry to see it and every other theater shuttered when COVID-19 hit. On Sunday, Oct. 24, my wife Bibi Pasternack and I finally...