Letters to the editor, Oct. 31

Go to the pollsThe League of Women Voters of the Montclair Area urges all registered voters to go to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 5 to exercise their right to vote and have a...

Letters to the Editor, June 11

Montclair Local’s ‘Letters To The Editor’ section is an open forum for readers to discuss town matters, articles published in Montclair Local, or other letters to the editor. Views expressed and published in this...

Rent control gives our essential workers dignity (Letter)

The "heartbeat of Montclair" shouldn't be pushed out by the ever-increasing cost of living, Nadia Liz Estela says.

Katie York made lives better for seniors, all of Montclair (Letter)

Writer Augusta Ellen Madyun wishes a fond farewell to Montclair's departing senior services director.

Letters to the editor, April 6

Giving thanks for a new senior center March 28, 2017, was an historic day for our Montclair seniors. The passing of Resolution R-17-090: Resolution to Affirm Commitment to Establish a Comprehensive Senior Center in Montclair...

Letters to the editor, Feb. 22

Keeping our schools safe Editor’s note: This was originally written as a letter to parents from Barbara Pinsak, interim superintendent of the Montclair Public Schools: we went to sleep thinking about yet another community that...

Letters to the editor, Oct. 11

Deer sterilization can be effectiveI am a professor at San Jose State doing research on urban deer management and am providing you with some links to information I have gathered.Effectiveness and costs for...

Letters to the editor, May 30

A survival guide for Montclair pedestriansDriving and riding around Montclair repeatedly reminds me of the frightening number of pedestrian deaths recently. I hope folks will forgive me for suggesting ways we can all be...

Letters to editor: Jan. 16, 2020

Letters to editor: Jan. 16, 2020

Letters to the Editor: Aug. 27

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