Logging bills a threat to Montclair-area parks (Letter)

"Active logging in these parks would displace hikers, dog walkers, birdwatchers and even dirt bikers from being able to enjoy these wooded sanctuaries," Bill Beren writes.

As Montclair restaurants reopen, go back to reusable dishes (Letter)

Writer Maura Toomey says reusable dishes can be as COVID-safe as disposables, but businesses may not know that.

Voters to decide on school board, let them decide on rent control (Letter)

Writer Larry Hays says letting the voters decide would be the most democratic thing to do.

Pickleball courts should be for the public, not private club (Letter)

"Let us hope that he will make changes to reverse this worrisome trend toward the privatization of public space," the writers say.

Delay expansion of Watchung field, do right by elementary schoolers (Letter)

Writer Michael Koueiter says he understands revising plans now would cost more, but argues it's worth it.

Only 54% of Montclair is vaccinated? That’s misleading (Letter)

Writer Richard Cohn says Montclair Local's headline should have focused those who were eligible, or perhaps those over 18.

Montclair officials turned their backs on us, again (Letters)

Last week, I attended the Lantern festival organized by AAPI Montclair at Edgemont Park with my family. It was a proud moment for Montclair as hundreds of people came together to support AAPI families...

Marijuana a hazard to our roads (Letter)

Writer Thomas J. Russo, a former Montclair police chief, predicts lawyers will have a field day with testimony from drug recognition experts.

In the pandemic, Montclair stepped up. A heartfelt thank-you (Letter)

Human Needs Food Pantry executive director Mike Bruno says he's been "nothing short of astounded by the outpouring of generosity and support this community has for our organization."

Montclair mayor’s full-time schools task force is misguided at best (Letter)

Julie Clemens asks: "How exactly does he expect an additional special interest group in town to effectively improve the decision-making process for our schools?"