Al Pelham’s legacy will live on (Letter)

John Levai says Project Oasis, which Pelham started, helped motivate him to succeed in school.

Montclair should lead, require vaccine for teachers (Letter)

Writer Nicole Wallace says parents are left in the dark without mandatory testing, too.

Energy program Montclair joined isn’t from nuclear power (Letter)

""if you are part of the energy aggregation program, you can rest assured that your money is going to support renewable energy," David Korfhage writes.

Murphy, bar all ICE contracts for NJ jails (Letter)

"It’s time for Murphy to sign this bill into law," Jim Price writes.

‘Bad apples’ aren’t the problem with policing (Letter)

Montclair Beyond Policing member Mark Joseph says he has nothing against Montclair's school resource officer individually, but a "good apple" isn't enough.

We should make a plan for big Montclair school repairs now (Letter)

"There's no Botox for old school buildings," parent Jamie Bedrin says.

Help get the lights on in Glenfield Park (Letter)

Robert Crook of the Glenfield Park Conservancy urges residents to call into the next Essex County Commissioners meeting.

Area in need of rehabilitation: Back to the well, again (Letter)

The Planning Board has been asked to determine if the Bellevue Theatre should be considered an area in need of redevelopment.

Ducking real questions over Montclair blocking election reform petition (Letter)

Vote Montclair founder Erik D'Amato asks: "Who in town benefits most from continuing a system in which turnout in some years is below 10%?"

Montclair ex-chief’s free speech isn’t ‘fake news’ (Letter)

Writer M. Valenti asks: "What happened to tolerance and respect?"