I hope Montclair landlords feel the powerlessness that renters know (Letter)

Writer Zachary Miller says even with rent control, "the struggle continues on course."

Parked cars aren’t Montclair’s big problem. Speeders are (Letter)

Writer George Bretherton: "I know of no instance yet where a parked car as opposed to one in motion has actually killed anyone."

We shouldn’t have garbage pickup on MLK Day (Letter)

Writer Laura Linn says it's a mistake to keep keep garbage collection on the day of celebration and reflection.

Rent control gives our essential workers dignity (Letter)

The "heartbeat of Montclair" shouldn't be pushed out by the ever-increasing cost of living, Nadia Liz Estela says.

Rent control will choke the market (Letter)

The Montclair Property Owners Association asks: "If we are going to have rent control, why not have good rent control that is thoughtful, balanced and fair?"

We need a better mail-in ballot process in New Jersey (Letter)

Jeffrey S. Jacobson says mail-in balloting can work, but he hit snags with this year's primary and general elections in Montclair.
Capitol building

Calling on the ‘traditional’ Republican party (Letter)

Montclair Councilman Bob Russo says traditional Republicans need to stand up to radicals taking over their party.
Marijuana smoker

Legal marijuana standards need to protect our kids (Letter)

Former Police Chief Thomas J. Russo also says it's important the same standards apply throughout New Jersey.

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Letters to the editor: Jan. 7

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