Is Montclair really progressive? Let’s not fool ourselves (Letter to the editor)

Carmel Loughman lays out a vision for what she says would be a truly progressive Montclair — and a history she says falls short.

Got concerns about the Montclair library? Then deal with them openly (Letter to the...

Martin Schwartz says if "elected officials have real fiscal oversight concerns, they need to be fully outed and confronted in a public hearing."

Why is the Montclair council trying to usurp control of the library? (Town Square)

Clifford Kulwin doubts a forensic audit was called for — and says its conclusions are on "shaky ground."

Demand fair redistricting for communities of color (Letter to the editor)

Donna Ward says redistricting shouldn't push aside communities of color to help specific politicians or parties.

Protect our safety in Montclair: Ask about vaccination status (Letter to the editor)

Gail Abramowitz says people using public spaces should be able to feel as safe as reasonably possible.

Require vaccination for entry to Edgemont House and protect seniors (Letter to the editor)

Writers Susan Craig and Louella Dudley say Montclair township facilities should have the same standard as many restaurants and businesses — require vaccination.

Thanks, Montclair Local, for great referendum coverage (Letter to the editor)

Writer Stuart Rubin says he'd be hard-pressed not to make another donation to help "Save Montclair Local."

Montclair has spoken — Listen to your constituents (Letter to the editor)

Jonathan Bellack writes that this Election Day, incumbent powers learned what happens when they ignore constituents.

An elected Montclair school board is an empowered one

Sergio Gonzalez says he admires his former BOE colleagues for authorizing the schools superintendent to sue the Montclair Education Association, but it would have been easier with an elected board.

I’m voting yes on an elected Montclair BOE to make my voice matter (Letter...

Montclair is a promise coupled with hope. Our progressive values run deep. My husband is Haitian and I Caucasian, our core values align with inclusion. This town honors representation and equality. Unfortunately, I don’t...