Demand a transparent Montclair budget, not blind funding of police (Letter)

Lily Cui and Anneliese Scherfen say a budget must reflect Montclair's values — and argue the township's library and seniors have been shortchanged.

Norman Rockwell could have shown more diversity — if not for editors (Letter)

Keith Hefner writes: White editors at the Saturday Evening Post knew the power of positive representation, and they forbade it."

A library is not a luxury — Don’t starve Montclair’s of funds (Letter)

Writer Irena Goldstein says: "One would think that the council, including the mayor, would want to get ahead of the story and offer an explanation for this decrease to the public."

A welcome gift at First Montclair House (Letter)

Marialena and Raffaele Marzullo, former Montclair Police Chief Thomas J. Russo and Jose German-Gomez arrived and began to put groceries on every available table in the community room.

Immigrants here without authorization need COVID relief, too (Letter)

Trish Perlmutter of Partners for Women and Justice says "Meaningful stimulus funding for immigrant workers will provide a lifeline to immigrant families."
Brendan Gill

Brendan Gill: I’ve always supported a return to schools — done safely (Letter)

County commissioner says earlier letter's writers were either uninformed or "purposely intended their statements to be defamatory and in poor taste."

Don’t demonize Montclair teachers — protect them in the pandemic (Letter)

Writer Andrea Cohen says "I’m glad schools followed safety standards we insist on in our supermarkets."

How many times can we say ‘enough is enough’ to racism in policing? (Letter)

Albert Pelham, president of the Montclair NAACP, says "Driving to the store should not be a life-threatening experience."

Montclair Inn staffers are our heroes

The writers praise staff for protecting them from COVID-19, and connecting them with vaccines.

Montclair families: Don’t flee to private schools (Letter)

Filip Bondy urges: "This pandemic will pass. Please support our schools, not somebody else's."