Montclair ex-chief’s free speech isn’t ‘fake news’ (Letter)

Writer M. Valenti asks: "What happened to tolerance and respect?"

Cops in school buildings don’t make Montclair’s students safer (Letter)

Writer Mark Joseph, of Montclair Beyond Policing, says "a better world is possible" for Montclair students.

Stop demonizing adult cannabis use; it’ll be a benefit to Montclair (Letter)

Writer Stu Zakim notes: Montclair residents voted 4-1 in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana.

I’m grateful for honor to Montclair’s immigrant families (Letter)

Writer Thomas J. Russo says designating the intersection of Pine Street and Grant Street Aquilonia Way was a "simple act of kindness."

The meter’s broken, but I still have to pay? Montclair, that’s galling (Letter)

As is, finding a spot with a working meter sometimes requires two or three attempts, Matt Roberts writes.

Michelle Dewitt a hero to seniors and all of Montclair (Letter)

It’s time that the world knows what Michelle Dewitt has done for Montclair, Jackie Doerr writes.

Considering police abolition in Montclair (Letter)

Montclair Beyond Policing is organizing an Abolition Study Group every Monday evening from July 19 to Aug. 30.

Montclair’s special education students shouldn’t be overlooked (Letter)

Writer Susan Marro says "I hope such a careless oversight never occurs again."

I’m worried kids will mimic trusted adults using pot (Letter)

Writer Thomas J. Russo says politicians don't have a clue about drug culture.

Great appreciation for Gray Russell (Letter)

Great article about the work and retirement of Gray Russell in the June 10 edition of Montclair Local. I have appreciated many aspects of his work for decades. Energy, water, farmers market the list...