Letters to the Editor, April 16

Rent control: Homeowners will pick up brunt of taxes How much taxes can we or should we have to bear? Last week, during a teleconference...

Letters to the editor, April 18

Thank you, DottieIn response to Dorothea Benton Frank’s “Town Square” from April 11 (“Mega-mansions: the other side of the story,” page 12): I too...

Parked cars aren’t Montclair’s big problem. Speeders are (Letter)

Writer George Bretherton: "I know of no instance yet where a parked car as opposed to one in motion has actually killed anyone."

We should prioritize Black, brown, Indigenous people for vaccines (Town Square)

Dr. Renée Baskerville proposes a campaign for Montclair: 'We’re Going to Be … COVID FREE!'

Letters to the Editor, Dec. 12

Councilman ‘gratified’ to aid environment with bag ban Montclair has long been in the vanguard of pursuing progressive solutions at the local level. By instituting...

Letters to the editor: Dec. 17

Letters to the editor: Dec. 17

Letters to the editor, May 18

Frelinghuysen far from a moderate I’m writing this in response to a charge that Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen made last month in a fundraising letter. He claimed...

Letters to the editor, Feb. 15

Findings: 42 pedestrians injured by vehicles in 2017 Forty-two pedestrians were hit and injured by vehicles in Montclair in 2017, including a fatality on Grove...

Montclair Local Voices’ College bound: getting a handle on financial aid

How to pay for college is a daunting prospect. Pat Berry takes readers through financial aid possibilities.

Montclair catching up on LGBTQ policies (Letter)

David Sailer writes: "I fully support policies and laws that make Montclair more welcome and inclusive, and encourage the council to pass these modest proposals. "