Montclair Local Voices: Building a realistic college list

Building a list of schools to apply to is a crucial part of the college application process.
Jean Clark

Montclair Local Town Square: Jean Clark had a vision for Earth

by GRAY RUSSELL Special to Montclair Local When Montclair resident Jean Clark was a little girl, her family spent summers at the Adirondack camp owned by...

Letters to the editor, Nov 1

Inept developer hindering supermarketI’ve lived in Montclair for less than half of the four-year battle to develop a supermarket, but long enough to be...

Letters to the editor, March 14

Show vision, encourage Montclair parkletsMontclair is a beautiful town, but it is one that has many problems. One of these is that it is...
Afghan girls

Afghan girls educational nonprofit in Montclair this weekend

Educate girls, save the world By CANDY J. COOPER For Montclair Local I can’t decide where this story begins, though I know that I came to it...

Ask Task: Parents wonder, is it OK to let kids fail?

By ALLISON TASK For Montclair LocalAllison Task is a career and life coach in Montclair who hosts the WMTR radio show “Find My Thrive.” Her...

Robin’s Nest: Magnificent Montclair had mugs, mags and memorabilia

Want some Montclair swag? Robin Woods has you covered.

Town Square: What to know about Lackawanna

By David Greenbaum, Caroline Kane Levy and John ReimnitzDavid Greenbaum, a design professional, and architect John Reimnitz are Montclair residents and members of the town Historic Preservation...

Montclair’s Robin’s Nest: culture, couture, crafts and more

Arts festivals, Santa, Hannukah, "The Nutcraker": Robin Woods offers lots to do in Montclair in latest installment of "Robin's Nest."

Letters to the editor, June 6

Let’s get back on track Montclair School DistrictPeople have always moved to Montclair. From Park Slope and the Upper West Side, from overseas and...