Town Square: bringing the circus to Montclair

Montclair Film's Bob Feinberg reports on his trip to Sundance, and how it made him a film buff.

Program Notes: Local and proud, like the United States

Local news hits us where we live.

Letters to the editor, Dec. 13

Montclair is unsustainable, overdeveloped and not progressiveI went to a meeting where some people were singing praises of Montclair.Which Montclair? Do you recognize Montclair?...

Letters to the editor, May 2

An unnecessary inconvenienceAround April 25, we received a notice that, on Monday, April 29, our street will be unusable during the day; all the...

Letters to the editor, Oct. 17

Freeholder Brendan Gill responds to letter from constituentI wanted to take this opportunity to respond to Michael Laser’s letter to the editor published in...

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Letters to the editor: Oct. 15

Letters to the editor: Oct. 15

I’m grateful for Montclair cops, especially former Chief Russo (Letter)

Writer Grange Rutan Habermann says the police have always been there for her, and Montclair.

I’m glad for coming changes to NJ marijuana law (Letter)

Former Police Chief Thomas Russo says parents need to be notified when their kids are caught with pot.

I’m lucky to be alive — Crack down on motorists in Montclair (Letter)

Writer Cynthia Cox says it's necessary for pedestrian and driver safety.