What I’ve learned from getting COVID at age 89 (Town Square)

David Jones says at his age, it's very possible his life was saved by a Mountainside nurse and the good work that went into the Moderna vaccine.

I trust the LWV’s research on elected vs. appointed Montclair school board (Letter to...

Greg Amato says the League's years of research should carry weight.

Consider this before deciding on elected vs. appointed Montclair BOE (Letter to the Editor)

Carolyn Lack says a "no" vote helps ensure board members who represent Montclair.

A mayor’s appointments can reflect Montclair’s values and diversity (Letter to the Editor)

James Harris says racial inclusion and diversity have been reflected by every mayor’s appointments.

My top reasons for voting no to an elected Montclair BOE (Town Square)

Councilwoman Lori Price Abrams worries Montclair's magnet schools could be lost, and school construction could be put off until costly elections.

Montclair needs good BOE candidates, appointed or elected (Letter to the editor)

Katie Toledano says neither the appointed or elected system, by itself, transparently vets qualified candidates.

Montclair’s deep bench of future elected BOE talent (Letter to the editor)

Selma Avdicevic says there are countless dedicated parents who'd make great candidates.

An elected Montclair BOE is harder to influence with campaign cash (Letter)

Clifford Kulwin says it's a lot harder to influence elections for nine positions than just one.

Montclair’s appointed BOE system has worked for decades (Letter to the editor)

Donna Amato says magnet schools let her children make friends from all over town, and worries an elected BOE would put them at risk.

Elected BOE could make Montclair schools pawns in political drama (Letter to the editor)

Thank you for hosting the forum on Type I or Type II boards of education. I must say that I do not think the...