Montclair’s students need us to come together (Letter)

Writer Deirdre Birmingham would like to see teachers vaccinated before returning to Montclair's classrooms.

Montclair teachers are losing kids’ trust, and it’s not their fault (Letter)

Writer Randi Goodman: 'We cannot take these teachers for granted.'

Montclair’s early Black police officers left a proud legacy (Letter)

Retired Deputy Chief of Police Roger Terry, a former councilman at large, and I were conversing on Dr. Martin Luther King Day, pertaining to...

I hope Montclair landlords feel the powerlessness that renters know (Letter)

Writer Zachary Miller says even with rent control, "the struggle continues on course."

Parked cars aren’t Montclair’s big problem. Speeders are (Letter)

Writer George Bretherton: "I know of no instance yet where a parked car as opposed to one in motion has actually killed anyone."

See through Jessica Koczwara’s photographic eye (Robin’s nest)

Also: A talk with Fourth Ward Councilman David Cummings

Montclair, I’m listening for your voices (Letter from the new editor)

New Montclair Local editor Louis C. Hochman has a lot of work ahead to earn your trust and your partnership. He's excited to take it on.

We shouldn’t have garbage pickup on MLK Day (Letter)

Writer Laura Linn says it's a mistake to keep keep garbage collection on the day of celebration and reflection.

Montclair, step up and COVID-test kids returning to school (Town Square)

Parent Eric Kim says the Montclair community has the resources to make it happen.

Rent control gives our essential workers dignity (Letter)

The "heartbeat of Montclair" shouldn't be pushed out by the ever-increasing cost of living, Nadia Liz Estela says.