Greenway will promote healthier economy, environment, lifestyle (Town Square)

The Greenway will be a 9-mile, 100-foot-wide linear park running through several communities in Essex and Hudson counties.

Dr. Ponds and Montclair’s other school leaders deserve our support (Letter to the editor)

The Rev. Dr. A. Craig Dunn writes that ponds walked into an impossible situation, but has the best interests of Montclair students at heart.

$300,000 for Montclair police isn’t the answer to fighting hate (Letter to the Editor)

Anneliese Scherfen says: "And if the police are the right ones for the job (spoiler, they’re not), why isn’t this task already part of their work?"

Why I support Brian Fleischer for Montclair Board of Education (Letter to the editor)

Colleen Dougherty says Fleischer's experience in education would be invaluable.

Montclair’s remote option for students sets a double standard (Letter to the editor)

Susan Eckert says the current policy helps create an "us-vs.-them mentality" for students and school staff.

Businesses rose to the challenge of the pandemic. When will Montclair leaders? (Town Square)

Mike Guerriero of Guerriero Gelato says the Township Council has been out of touch when Montclair businesses need its help the most.

You say ‘gentrification.’ I say more opportunity for Montclair’s future

Ben Roderick says there's no use in hanging onto a vision of how Montclair used to be, but that we can provide opportunities for more people through development.

‘I don’t think I’m OK’ — Montclair State student’s story, photos of the Jan....

Montclair State University student Drew Mumich wrote this piece the day after the riot, to help process what he'd just seen. It's never before been published.

We Montclair businesses are desperate in COVID surge. Leaders must step up (Town Square)

Montclair Bread Company closed for the first week of January due to staff shortages amid the coronavirus surge.

We need a plan to restore more bus service to Montclair (Letter to the...

Bob Manix-Cramer writes: "There is a real cost to losing our bus connectivity and it comes in the form of lost hours with family, more cars on the road, an over-reliance on train service and lower property values."