Don’t demonize Montclair teachers — protect them in the pandemic (Letter)

Writer Andrea Cohen says "I’m glad schools followed safety standards we insist on in our supermarkets."

How many times can we say ‘enough is enough’ to racism in policing? (Letter)

Albert Pelham, president of the Montclair NAACP, says "Driving to the store should not be a life-threatening experience."

Montclair Inn staffers are our heroes

The writers praise staff for protecting them from COVID-19, and connecting them with vaccines.

Climate change is real, it’s urgent, and we can fight it in Montclair (Town...

Writer David Korfhage says there are specific steps we should take as individuals, and Montclair should take as a township.
Peter Yacobellis

Out Montclair: To celebrate, support our LGBTQ+ community (Town square)

"Imagine public educational programs, a Montclair Pride Festival, special outings for seniors, youth programming, and recreational and other events," Peter Yacobellis writes.

Montclair families: Don’t flee to private schools (Letter)

Filip Bondy urges: "This pandemic will pass. Please support our schools, not somebody else's."
child care reopen

Murphy, Spiller and more politicians have failed Montclair’s kids (Letter)

The letter's writers, a group of Montclair parents, say "Murphy has botched this issue to the highest possible degree."

My own dealings with the tampon situation at Montclair HS (Letter)

Former principal Tonnes Stave remembers: Details matter.

End ICE contracts like Essex County’s (Letter)

This is about the effort to end the immigration contract that Essex County maintains with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Since 2008, Essex has...

A good time for a welcome to the Montclair library (Letter)

Letters' writers urge you to celebrate all the Montclair library has to offer.