Closing in on a no-demolition law in Montclair

BY JAIMIE JULIA WINTERS winters@montclairlocal.newsWhile the no-demolition moratorium for Montclair homes is set to expire on Monday, April 15, township attorney Ira Karasick has been tasked with drafting a no-knockdown ordinance “with some teeth.”Officials first...

Lackawanna suit to block demolition rejected by the court

An Essex County Superior judge has declined to issue a restraining order to block the demolition of the former Lackawanna Station train platforms.

Montclair offers unique option to age in place

A Montclair law, around since 1980, creates another housing option for seniors to age in place.

Historic Commission seeks more input in planning board approvals

BY JAIMIE JULIA WINTERS winters@montclairlocal.newsAt the most recent Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) meeting on March 28, member Caroline Kane Levy referred to a Lackawanna suit, asking if the HPC could join it.The attorney never answered....

Planning board, chair sued over Lackawanna decision

A historic rail station preservation advocate has filed a suit in Essex County Superior Court against the Montclair Planning Board and its chairman over the approval of Lackawanna Plaza redevelopment plan.

Wait and see approach to Grove Street left hand turns with new development

By Jaimie Julia Winters winters@montclairlocal.newsThe debate over no left-hand turns from Grove Street into the future Lidl parking lot is back in the hands of the Montclair council.Planning board members voted not to recommend the...
South End

Town extends no-knock down moratorium another 30 days

By Jaimie Julia Winters winters@montclairlocal.newsMontclair officials today, March 15, extended its halt on issuing demolition permits on one, two, three and four family homes.Officials first issued the moratorium on Feb. 15 due to public outcry...
left-hand turn

Left-hand turns debate: Planning board advised to revisit

By Jaimie Julia Winters winters@montclairocal.newsThe council, concerned with long backups and pedestrian safety, is directing the planning board to revisit Lackawanna Plaza traffic plans that include left-hand turns in and out of a planned supermarket...

Density dispute postpones Orange Road development hearing

By Jaimie Julia Winters winters@montclairlocal.newsThe Planning Board’s hearing for a 46-unit, four-story apartment and retail building proposed for Orange Road by developer Brian Stolar was halted before it even got started Monday night, March 11,...

Town to extend demo moratorium while awaiting stronger no-knock down draft

A demolition-review ordinance on Montclair homes that was in the works by township attorney Ira Karasick was rejected by the council.