new growth

Business owners, residents ponder new growth in Fourth Ward

On the busy intersection of Grove and Walnut streets in Montclair’s Fourth Ward, the area is dotted with F. Paul Kaveny Field, mom-and-pop eateries, a small insurance company, podiatrist office, dry cleaner and homes.

Wildwood residents lament loss of small forest to home

By Jaimie Julia Winters winters@montclairlocal.newsWildwood Avenue resident Roger Paradiso woke up Monday morning, Aug. 20, to the sound of chainsaws and falling tree limbs at a neighboring property that has been vacant and heavily forested...
Pig & Prince

In Lackawanna Plaza, a ‘secret’ garden grows

While tenant after tenant has left the Lackawanna Plaza mall, and vandals and vagrants are more commonplace than stores, Mike Carrino has etched a little bit of paradise in the midst of an urban development that lay fallow for years.
age in place

Washington Street subdivision gets approval on second try

The planning board approved a subdivision to a single-family lot on Washington Avenue Monday night, contending it would be keeping with the “rhythm” of the neighborhood, which is filled with similar-sized lots.
newish plans

Developers unveil newish vision for train platforms at Lackawanna

Developers presented another plan for the Lackawanna Plaza lot to the planning board Monday night, incorporating the steel stanchions of the train platforms into a glass facade on the front of a proposed supermarket and as decorative fixtures throughout the parking lot, while a historian for the developer testified that the train platforms had lost their historical value due to previous alterations.
save train sheds

Historians expected to testify tonight on Lackawanna train sheds

A historian attempting to debunk the validity of the historic nature of the Lackawanna train sheds, and two residents with a vision of using the train sheds as a supermarket and dine-in food market are expected to testify at tonight's Lackawanna Redevelopment meeting.
office building

New office building approved for Grove and Walnut

A car wash and rent-a-car center will make way for offices and retail on the corner of Grove and Walnut streets.
save train sheds

Will a smaller supermarket move Lackawanna along?

Supermarket consultant calls for smaller supermarket at Lackawanna.

Historian set to debunk train shed value tonight

Testimony on the Lackawanna Redevelopment plan will continue at the planning board meeting tonight, July 23.
six story

Planner suggests keeping six-story height allowance for downtown

A proposal to limit building heights along Bloomfield Avenue to four stories is no longer in the works, as Township Planner Janice Talley presented a new plan which will allow the downtown area to remain a six-story limit zone.