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In Lackawanna Plaza, a ‘secret’ garden grows

While tenant after tenant has left the Lackawanna Plaza mall, and vandals and vagrants are more commonplace than stores, Mike Carrino has etched a little bit of paradise in the midst of an urban development that lay fallow for years.

Montclair’s Church Street property sold

Bijou has closed the sale on the 0.832-acre Church Street property. 
46 units

Planning board passes on Orange Road application decision

A density issue surrounding a 46-unit apartment building proposed for Ferrara’s Auto Body property on Orange Road will be decided by either the zoning board or the council.

Historian set to debunk train shed value tonight

Testimony on the Lackawanna Redevelopment plan will continue at the planning board meeting tonight, July 23.
Pine Street

Pine Street residents trying to hang on to neighborhood they call home

The Pine Street Historic District contains a blend of early-19th-century brick apartment buildings, multiple one- and two-family houses in disrepair, and residents who include the working poor and people on the skids of society.

What’s in store at Lidl? Going inside ahead of Lackawanna move

 By Jaimie Julia Winters and Adam Anik winters@montclairlocal.newsWhen Lackawanna developer Robert Schmitt of Hampshire Cos. announced the potential new supermarket tenant for the fourth ward last week, some were skeptical, if not confused.Comments from...

Neighbors say Mountainside Hospital construction went till midnight

For two years, Mountainside Hospital neighbors say they have dealt construction they claim goes on past the allowed hours of 6 p.m.

Development to replace vacant Washington Street buildings

 for Montclair LocalAn application to demolish two vacant, dilapidated two-family dwellings at 11 and 13 Washington St. and construct new two-family building on each lot has been approved.Schreck Development, LLC revised plans to unify...

Moving closer to a supermarket in the fourth ward

By Jaimie Julia Winters winters@montclairlocal.newsTwo supermarket chains are now interested in opening up in the redeveloped Lackawanna Plaza, according to developer Brian Stolar.Continuing 10 months of testimony, the planning board heard from Stolar Monday night,...

Lackawanna mall conversion funding in the ’80s raises questions at hearing

By Jaimie Julia Winters  winters@montclairlocal.newsIn 1982, Montclair entered into a public-private agreement for the conversion of the historic Lackawanna Plaza into a mall, the demolition of the existing overpass on Grove Street and  the construction...