Planning board turns down developer’s plan to turn one lot into three

A developer seeking to subdivide a lot bounded by High Street and Nishuane Road into three lots will instead divide it into two. 

Waitlisted – As Montclair grows, so does its parking problems

BY JAIMIE JULIA WINTERS winters@montclairlocal.newsIt’s the downside to living in Montclair— the parking. Nearly 3,000 people are waiting for parking permits, either for commuting purposes or for overnight parking outside their homes or in parking decks,...

Board member who spoke out against density issue will not recuse himself

Planning board member Martin Schwartz, who had spoken out against how the town handled a question over density for a proposed multi-family redevelopment, will still be part of the decision making for that development — the 46-unit MC Residences currently being heard before the planning board.

Four units proposed for Orange Road vacant lot zoned for single family

A developer wants to build a pair of two-family homes on a sliver of vacant land on Orange Road sandwiched between the Willowmere Court apartments and two residences owned by the Mental Health Association of Essex County. 

Living in a construction zone — ‘It’s more than just the noise’

For residents living in the wake of Montclair’s ongoing development boom, their days are filled with incessant noise, blocked access to homes and driveways, and the smell of idling diesel trucks that also take up precious parking spots, and trash-strewn streets.

Montclair Art Museum gets nod to create outdoor public space

The planning board approved upgrades to the museum’s grounds including an outdoor sculpture garden, a public space with a water wall and a reflecting pond with a newly commissioned work of art.  

Town officials counter board member’s assertions of development wrongdoing

The township council Thursday “denied any wrongdoing” by its members or town employees regarding the controversy over the Montclair Center Gateway Redevelopment Plan.

Planning board member claims town employee dropped the ball on density issue

A planning board member is alleging that a township employee may have intentionally allowed for a much denser housing development than was intended in the Montclair Center Gateway Redevelopment plan for one future Orange Road development.

Town seeks to fill affordable housing with town workers, residents

BY JAIMIE JULIA WINTERS winters@montclairlocal.newsThe town will begin marketing new affordable housing units with preference given to current residents, or households including full-time employees of either the Township of Montclair or the Montclair Board of...

Montclair’s MC Hotel is open, taking reservations, and keeping it very local

The MC Hotel is booking overnight guests, taking dinner reservations for the Allegory restaurant and welcoming locals to the lobby bar as of today, Aug.15.