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GOPs ask NJ Transit for permission to create pro-gun mural

The Montclair Republican Club has requested permission from NJ Transit to create a pro-Second Amendment mural across from a recently installed mural with an anti-gun violence message on the Chestnut Street trestle. 
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News in brief: Jeh Johnson, Jim Axelrod at Temple Ner Tamid

Former Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson will be in dialogue with Jim Axelrod of CBS News on Tuesday, Jan. 22, 7:30 p.m., at Temple Ner Tamid, 936 Broad St., Boomfield.They will speak...

Piscopo still weighing independent bid for governor

By LINDA MOSS moss@montclairlocal.news “Saturday Night Live” veteran and North Jersey native Joe Piscopo didn’t tip his hand on Wednesday at a luncheon for local Republicans, still declining to say whether he will run for governor...

Pundits of Montclair: Familiar faces talk elections

Tim O’Brien, Jonathan Alter and Jeh Johnson have all been appearing on television news shows for years. They expect to talk about the 2020 election, too.

Montclair declares itself ‘welcoming community’ for immigrants

By LINDA MOSS Staff WriterBefore a packed audience, and in a compromise opposed by some residents, the Township Council on Tuesday night voted to declare the municipality a “welcoming” community, rather than a sanctuary, for...

Keeping up the ‘Resistance’

By LINDA MOSS moss@montclairlocal.newsIn homes in Montclair and across North Jersey, residents are breaking bread with Syrian refugees, sharing food and conversation. These dinners, aimed at fostering understanding and communication, are being organized by the...
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Thousands of paper swans honor children separated at the border

Maya Stein began making origami swans on June 20 to recognize every child separated from his or her parents seeking asylum at the border under the administration’s current zero tolerance immigration policy.

Montclair township attorney resigns, apologizes for calling Black official ‘three-fifths of a human’

The resignation also comes on the heels of the township losing its lengthy legal fight over a rent control ordinance.

Montclair Dems celebrate Murphy win, Gills’ re-elections

By LINDA MOSS moss@montclairlocal.newsIt couldn’t have been a more celebratory Election Night at the Democratic campaign headquarters in Montclair Tuesday, with gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy winning by a large margin in town and hometown politicians...

Should Montclair all be in one Congressional district? Arguments of race, interest, politics

Montclair is split between the 10th and 11th Congressional Districts. A candidate for the 10th says that's a good thing for Black representation, but others say there are benefits to a one Congress member looking out for whole township.