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Pelham to remain as NAACP president

Al Pelham will continue to lead the Montclair branch of the NAACP as its president.
Renée Baskerville

Baskerville will not be running for NAACP president

Renee Baskerville’s bid for president of the Montclair NAACP has been pulled by the National NAACP, which has taken over the local election due to infighting.

National NAACP intervenes into Montclair election due to infighting

The national NAACP is taking over the Montclair NAACP’s first contested election in nearly a decade.

Sherrill, Payne: We’re safe after ‘obscene attack on our democracy’

Rep. Mikie Sherrill, a Montclair resident, was in the Capitol building as it was breached.

PHOTOS: Montclair erupts in celebration over Biden win

Montclairians take to the streets to celebrate.

Montclair voters hold rally at Watchung Plaza to ensure every vote counts

The weather was warm for autumn, with sunny skies and temperatures in the upper 60s. “We ordered this weather direct from John Lewis and Ruth Bader Ginsburg,” joked Cotter, who remarked that the late representative and Supreme Court justice were likely “upstairs” monitoring the election. 

Pundits of Montclair: Familiar faces talk elections

Tim O’Brien, Jonathan Alter and Jeh Johnson have all been appearing on television news shows for years. They expect to talk about the 2020 election, too.

An election like no other – At the polls and around town, Montclairians speak...

By Nov. 2, the day before Election Day, the Essex County Board of Elections reported that 19,000 Montclairians had already voted via mail-in ballots.

Essex County favors Democrats by large margin, approves legalization of marijuana

Essex County voters overwhelmingly chose Democratic candidates in the Nov. 2 elections. Voters also voted in favor of all three public questions, one of which would legalize marijuana in New Jersey. 

PHOTOS: Montclair goes to the polls

In Montclair, the League of Women's Voters' message of "vote early" may have worked as most poll workers reported low numbers at polling places on Election Day.