Montclair Councilwoman Schlager hired by school district

She says township attorney deemed there was no conflict with votes.

Update: Montclair council will release funds to the township library, councilman says

Dozens protested the township's forensic audit of the library, and an agreement that would give officials more control over its operations.

Reasons Montclair voters chose to have an elected school board

Activists and community leaders point to changing demographics, dissatisfaction with the status quo and Mayor Sean Spiller's role as the NJEA head.

Montclair to require library agreement or no additional funding without it

The Montclair Township Council is expecting the library to enter into an agreement to get funding above the state statutory requirement and to create a more transparent budget process. 

Some say threat of jail for petty disorderly offenses in Montclair should be stricken

If you get a parking ticket, violate Montclair’s leaf blower, noise or loitering laws, don’t clean up after your dog, feed the geese, trespass on a railroad or don’t license your bicycle you could face jail time — at least theoretically — according to Montclair’s codes. The 90-day clause is attached to hundreds of small violations. 

At the Montclair polls for Election Day 2021, few signs of trouble so far

Thousands of people had voted in advance, through mail-in ballots and early voting.

Nonprofits can keep Pine Street home

The nonprofit groups that feared losing their home at 11 Pine St. can now remain, Montclair Township officials say.

Montclair Library audit finds issues in library budget

A forensic audit of the Montclair Public Library’s budget found problems including more than half a million dollars in overstated expenses, and recommends several practices consultants say will smooth the budgeting process going forward.

Deputy mayor says Bellevue could be open by year’s end

The Bellevue Theatre property has been declared an area in need of rehabilitation, which could smooth the process of the redevelopment of the historic theater and will give the owners a tax abatement.

Plan to nix fines at broken meters fails

By JAIMIE JULIA WINTERS winters@montclairlocal.newsThe Montclair Township Council Tuesday considered — and then nixed — a plan to stop ticketing drivers who park at broken meters. Instead, the township plans to combat the increasing number...