Salutes to a steward of the environment, Montclair’s Gray Russell

Montclair’s sustainability officer, Gray Russell, will be retiring June 30.

Montclair seniors face digital divide

Montclair Gateway to Aging in Place is hoping the township will provide it with $30,000 in seed money for a digital connectivity infrastructure project for seniors.

Landlord/ Tenant Committee told to stop dispute mediations

The township attorney has directed the Landlord/ Tenant Housing Committee not to conduct “mediations, ‘hearings,’ or other interventions” in landlord-tenant disputes.  

Montclair council moves on LGBTQ-inclusive hiring policies, unisex bathrooms

The Montclair Township Council has introduced a set of ordinances meant to establish more LGBTQ+ inclusive policies — but some council members say they’re worried a requirement for unisex bathrooms throughout town hasn’t had enough discussion yet.

Montclair eyes more LGBTQ+ protections, making single-use bathrooms unisex

The Township Council will be asked to consider a package members are calling the “LGBTQ Equality Agenda for 2021” — to update protections for sexual orientation and gender identity.

Compromise reached on Montclair Skate Park hours

The latest proposal to regulate hours for Montclair’s temporary skate park would have it open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. each day, year-round.

Montclair skate park hours not cut back, for now

A proposal to cut back the hours at Montclair’s temporary skate park has been tabled until the Township Council’s May 18 meeting to allow for more discussion between skaters and the park’s neighbors.

$100,000 more for library is contingent on opening Bellevue

The Montclair Public Library would see $100,000 more than slated in a municipal budget proposed a month ago, and taxpayers wouldn’t see as high of a municipal tax increase as expected under amendments made to the spending plan at a May 4 Township council meeting.

Reduced hours for skate park at Rand could be tabled

A change in hours to Montclair’s temporary skate park could be tabled in order to allow for more discussion between the skaters and the neighbors who surround the park.

How Montclair will use its American Rescue Funds is still up in the air

By JAIMIE JULIA WINTERS winters@montclairlocal.newsMontclair doesn’t expect to get final notice on the funds it’s expected to receive through the American Rescue Plan until July — too late to account for them in this year’s...