UUCM urges township to be more inclusive for LGBTQ people

By ERIN ROLL roll@montclairlocal.newsAlthough Montclair scored high in an assessment of how welcoming it is toward the LGBTQ community, township and community officials want to do more. According to the Human Rights Campaign’s recently released...

Installed: Meet Montclair’s muralists

Montclair's murals installed just in time for holidays.

Geese lights not keeping fowl out of Edgemont Park

Strobe lights, installed in the spring, are not keeping the geese population at bay. 

In brief: Mt. Hebron to get overhaul

Montclair will receive $412,754 in aid in 2020 for an overhaul of Mount Hebron Road.

Montclair skateboarders looking for a place to call home

After three previous attempts, a movement to get a dedicated place for the skaters, who claim they are harassed out parks and off streets, is now catching momentum. 

Bike & Walk Montclair pushes council to pass SAFE Streets

Bike & Walk Montclair is now stepping up its lobbying efforts in favor of the adoption of the Montclair SAFE Complete Streets Implementation Plan, which has been stalled at the planning board level since 2017, as part of the township’s master plan.

Affordable housing demand outpacing supply in a town with a history of providing

For more than four decades, the scarcity of affordable housing has been a hot issue in Montclair.

In brief: Town to oppose the elimination of Glenridge crosswalk

The mayor and council is urging Essex County to retain the existing crosswalk running across Bloomfield Avenue at the intersection with Glenridge Avenue

In brief: Tuers Park improvement bids rejected

The Montclair Mayor and Council council rejected bids for park improvements for Tuers Park.