Huge lines at Montclair recycling center after pickup suspended

The township has added an extra day to the center's schedule, after lines went around the corner Wednesday.

Officials can’t say when recycling pickups will resume

Montclair officials say it’s too soon to tell when the township’s recycling pickup suspension will end.

Montclair DPW shortage due to COVID causes recycling suspension

The coronavirus has hit the Montclair DPW department and caused a shortage of workers who have either tested positive or are quarantined due to exposure, officials said.
Hillside payroll

Hillside council doesn’t pay Montclair councilman, accuses him of ‘no-show job’

Montclair's David Cummings is caught up in a dispute over payroll in Hillside, where he works part-time doing township public relations.

Landscapers say new Montclair leaf blower restrictions violate 1990s settlement

Landscapers also accused the Montclair Township Council of catering to a “minority” of residents who find leaf blowers annoying.

As leaf blower restrictions advance, some worry about effect on industry

Montclairians will get 75 fewer days of leaf blower noise invading their backyards and permeating their homes if the Township Council gives final approval to an ordinance introduced earlier this month.

COVID-19 and your tax appeal — Rising house prices could affect chances in Montclair

Homeowners might have a harder time this year winning appeals due to a rise in housing prices. 

Don’t park on Montclair streets yet — you could be ticketed or towed Tuesday

Parking on snow-covered street is prohibited in Montclair. The prohibition remains in effect for a period of 12 hours after snowfall has stopped.

New leaf blower ordinance to be heard on Tuesday

Montclair’s Township Council is expected Tuesday to vote on an ordinance that would restrict gas leaf blower usage.

Montclair rent control headed back to court

A judge has granted yet another stay on Montclair’s Rent Control ordinance.