Sister-city group marches in Montclair, Columbus Day parade

By LINDA MOSS Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church this past Sunday rolled out the red carpet for a delegation from Montclair’s sister city Aquilonia, and also heard tell of a purported miracle that happened...

Township spares South Fullerton maple tree

By LINDA MOSS moss@montclairlocal.newsIt looks like residents have won their battle to save an old maple tree, which has been on South Fullerton Avenue for roughly 40 years, from being cut down by the township.Township...

Roof-top pool, horse trough top Lackawanna development discussions

By Tina Pappasfor Montclair LocalLackawanna Plaza redevelopment testimony continued on Monday, March 12, with an attention on preserving the site’s historic materials for re-purposing throughout the entire project and to add a roof-top pool...
liquor license

Population increase means another liquor license for Montclair

After years of teetering on the brink, Montclair’s population has surpassed 39,000, and with that growth comes a new liquor license that could earn millions of dollars for the township.

Town vows to fix Edgemont’s boggy mess

By Jaimie Julia Winters winters@montclairlocal.newsWith only two weeks until baseball season begins and the rainy months ahead, Edgemont Memorial Park users are wondering what town officials are doing to correct water drainage problems that have...

In brief: Town to oppose the elimination of Glenridge crosswalk

The mayor and council is urging Essex County to retain the existing crosswalk running across Bloomfield Avenue at the intersection with Glenridge Avenue

Council meetings move to remote only, public can call in to comment

The March 24 Council Meeting will be available remote only to the public.

Governor swears in Montclair’s new mayor

Gov. Phil Murphy was a special guest in Montclair today, swearing in Sean Spiller as Montclair’s next mayor.

Don’t park on Montclair streets yet — you could be ticketed or towed Tuesday

Parking on snow-covered street is prohibited in Montclair. The prohibition remains in effect for a period of 12 hours after snowfall has stopped.

Montclair seniors face digital divide

Montclair Gateway to Aging in Place is hoping the township will provide it with $30,000 in seed money for a digital connectivity infrastructure project for seniors.