Planning board advised to OK plans for Orange Road Garage

Montclair’s Planning Board members say they’re concerned the Orange Road garage won’t be able to accommodate enough cars for special events.

Montclair municipal tax bill could rise by 2.5%

The Montclair Township Council has introduced a $93.79 million budget that would result in a 2.48% increase in the municipal portion of a property owner’s tax bill — the first increase in three years.

Challenge for fixing flooding on Burnside Street: Contamination

Residents living on Montclair’s Burnside Street along the Second River have been experiencing flooding problems during heavy rainfalls for years.

Montclair moves forward on rent control appeal

Montclair Township has asked a judge to stay his ruling that could ultimately put rent control rules on the ballot, while the township pursues an appeal.

Orange Road garage developer eyes valets to increase parking capacity

A parking expert told the Planning Board Monday that the Orange Road garage could park up to 694 vehicles in the case of a special event by going mostly valet. 

Lorraine Avenue to get a little Piet Mondrian-esque

Local architect John Guadagnoli has proposed making a nondescript building on Lorraine Avenue into a Mondrian-esque work of art.

Landlord group sues Montclair, clerk alleging civil rights violations

A landlord group fighting Montclair’s rent control ordinance has filed another suit against the township and the township clerk, this time claiming a civil rights act violation.

Rent control will be repealed or go to Montclair voters to decide

Montclair’s township clerk certified a landlord group’s petition Tuesday, March 16, seeking to put rent control rules the Township Council adopted last year before voters.

Montclair library: Too early to know what staff, services may return

Last year, the library laid off 21 people, and its Bellevue Avenue branch hasn't reopened since shutting for the pandemic.

Montclair prepares to appeal judge’s ruling on rent control

Township attorney Ira Karasick said the town is setting in motion an appeal of the judge's ruling on rent control.