COVID-19: Montclair schools to stay closed until at least April 20

The Montclair schools will remain closed at least until April 20. At that time, the district will decide whether the schools should re-open or remain closed for an additional period of time.
distance learning

COVID-19: Montclair students begin distance learning

Montclair students, instead of being in classrooms at school on Monday morning, were seated at their kitchen tables with worksheets and computers.
Red Hawk Fellows

COVID-19: Montclair State to allow some students to remain on campus; others must leave

Montclair State University is keeping dorms open for students who have nowhere else to live, but all other residential students are being asked to vacate the campus.

Montclair High School sees slight improvement in attendance rates

Montclair High School is seeing a slight improvement in attendance, with fewer chronically absent students, and a slightly increased daily attendance rate.

COVID-19: Montclair schools to close for at least two weeks

Montclair's schools will close for at least two weeks due to the threat of a COVID-19 outbreak.
Montclair High School auditorium

Montclair High School auditorium needs new seats, principal says

The Montclair High School auditorium seats are in bad condition and in need of replacing, says MHS Principal Anthony Grosso.
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COVID-19: Schools to close on March 13 for staff professional development

Montclair's schools will be closed for the day on Friday, March 13, so staff can be trained in online instruction in the event of a school closure related to COVID-19.

Fighting the school-to-prison pipeline

Students and community members gathered in February to discuss the school-to-prison pipeline, and brainstorm ways to combat the phenomenon.
residents stay home

Montclair schools begin preparations for possible coronavirus outbreak

Montclair schools have been instructed by the state Department of Education to develop a preparedness plan to deal with a possible outbreak of the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

Montclair schools expect staff cuts as preliminary budget is approved

Montclair’s schools may be eliminating several staff positions due to budget issues, as well as scheduling and low enrollment.