Reasons Montclair voters chose to have an elected school board

Activists and community leaders point to changing demographics, dissatisfaction with the status quo and Mayor Sean Spiller's role as the NJEA head.

Lots of open questions as Montclair moves to elected school board

The seven-member board must grow to nine, but rules for the election timeline are unclear. And it’s not known if or when the board might ask voters to bond for big capital improvements.

At the Montclair polls for Election Day 2021, few signs of trouble so far

Thousands of people had voted in advance, through mail-in ballots and early voting.

That plan to OK $15.5M in Montclair school repairs before the election? Time’s up

The Board of School Estimate will continue work on a $15.5 million bond plan if Montclair remains a Type I district.

Elected or appointed Montclair BOE: A breakdown of the big decision

Advocates for all sides talk about accountability, representation, protecting what makes Montclair special — but they disagree sharply on how to ensure or protect those values.

Voter guide 2021 for Montclair, NJ residents

The General Election is Tuesday, Nov. 2, but you don't need to wait.

Montclair students: We’re aiming for a more inclusive CGI

'Reformation' process announced in spring hasn't yet started.

Unvaccinated Montclair students who travel must quarantine

Students will be automatically set up with virtual learning.

Magnet system? Busing? Accountability? Issues at Montclair Local forum on BOE

Voters will decide Nov. 2 whether Montclair should have an elected or appointed school board.