shopping malls reopen

COVID-19: Shopping malls allowed to reopen June 29

When malls reopen, stores will be limited to a 50-percent customer capacity, and restaurants can offer food for takeout or for outdoor dining only. Communal areas such as food courts will remain closed or cordoned off.

UPDATE: As businesses open, town waives permit fees

On Tuesday, the day after the businesses opened, the town responded to the owners pleas by waiving sidewalk cafe dining permit fees, offering $150,000 in grant funds, and working to close some streets during certain hours.
wind port recovery

New Jersey hopes new wind port will boost post-COVID recovery

New Jersey will see the building of a wind port next year that is expected to bring much-needed economic benefits to the region as the state recovers from the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19: ‘Welcome to Stage Two of recovery’

Gov. Phil Murphy welcomed New Jerseyans to Stage Two of the state’s recovery from COVID-19 at his briefing today, Monday, June 15.
libraries curbside pickup

COVID 19: Libraries can offer curbside pickup on June 15; schools can do in-person...

Libraries will be able to offer curbside pickup service starting on Monday, June 15, and in July, schools will be able to offer in-person summer educational programs.

Montclair real estate market holds steady in the face of COVID-19

While real estate has struggled nationally during the COVID-19 pandemic, Montclair has held steady according to local real estate agents.

As COVID-19 continues housing advocates worry over long-term effects on renters

BY JAIMIE JULIA WINTERS winters@montclairlocal.newsWith almost half of Montclair’s residents paying rent rather than a mortgage and COVID-19 bringing severe job and wage loss, government officials and housing advocates are doing what they can to...
unemployment benefits period

COVID-19: New Jersey to extend unemployment benefits period

This weekend, the state will begin notifying unemployed people of a 13-week extension in benefits, Workforce and Labor Development Commissioner Rob Asaro-Angelo said Thursday.

Montclair groomers back to trimming pups

Montclair pets are getting taken care of again as groomers in town have been allowed to get back to work to bathe and cut the fur of local animals.
COVID-19 daycares

COVID-19: Outbreak causes difficulties for daycare providers, parents

The pandemic has led to challenges concerning the closure of day-care centers as parents and children remain at home and providers experience financial difficulties.