Porch on Walnut

PHOTOS: Come sit awhile on the Porch on Walnut

“Porch on Walnut” opened on Saturday, Sept. 15.

Volunteer Spotlight: John Lytle cooks up compassion with MESH

By DEBORAH ANN TRIPOLDI tripoldi@montclairlocal.newsJohn Lytle, 64, of Montclair, volunteers an average of three hours a week on Wednesdays for Montclair Emergency Services for the Homeless. Lytle has been a MESH volunteer for seven and...

Volunteer Spotlight: Mike Sylvan finds camaraderie at library

By DEBORAH ANN TRIPOLDI Mike Sylvan, 72, of Montclair volunteers about nine hours a week at the Montclair Public Library branches. He can be found on Mondays at the Upper Montclair Bellevue Avenue branch and...
Amit Kundra

Volunteer Spotlight: Amit Kundra combines basketball with tutoring

By DEBORAH ANN TRIPOLDI Amit Kundra, 17, of Montclair is a junior at Newark Academy in Livingston and is currently spending his semester in Washington, D.C., volunteering his time helping underprivileged kids. In a semester-long...

Montclair Salvation Army helps homeless get back on their feet

By Jaimie Julia Winters winters@montclairlocal.newsLast November, sick and tired of living out of his car after alcohol and heroin had taken his marriage, his job and apartment, Jack Smith walked into the Salvation Army on...

Volunteer Spotlight: Bruce Goldstein helps strangers with a smile

By DEBORAH ANN TRIPOLDI Bruce Goldstein, 74, of Montclair, volunteers five hours a day on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., to help at HackensackUMC Mountainside, also known as Mountainside Hospital. Goldstein...

Montclair woman is the first in town to join warm and fuzzy service team

By Jaimie Julia Winters winters@montclairlocal.newsMontclair just became home for puppy Jonquil III, a lab/golden retriever cross who will one-day know over 40 commands including pushing a wheelchair and picking up a dropped item as small...

Volunteer Spotlight: All you need is love and a cat

By DEBORAH ANN TRIPOLDI Jennifer McMillan, 48, of Montclair, volunteers her time at Montclair Township Animal Shelter. She spends seven days a week there tending to the cats and kittens. With her three kids in...

Montclair Film to hold Arts Volunteer Fair

Montclair Film is holding an Arts Volunteer Fair on Sunday, Feb. 4, from 10 a.m to noon at the Investors Bank Film & Media Center, 505 Bloomfield Ave., Montclair.Members of the public are invited...
Robert L. Smith

Volunteer Spotlight: Robert Smith helps the homeless with a personal touch

By DEBORAH ANN TRIPOLDI Robert L. Smith of Montclair is one of many of his congregation at Presbyterian Church of Upper Montclair who recently gathered and sent gifts to 25 children of incarcerated parents this...