Rain cannot stop procession and carnival at OLMC

The community came out to walk with the statue of the saint of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, and enjoy the feast.

Feast, carnival return after two years off

By DEBORAH ANN TRIPOLDI Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church is bringing back its annual feast and carnival this month. The annual event hosted by the Pine Street church — which merged with Immaculate Conception...

Holy days: Ramadan amplifies good deeds

Ramadan is a time when Muslims strengthen their faith. Ramadan continues until June 14.

Culture in photos: Ramadan breakfast is spiritual nourishment

Imam Kevin Dawud Amin led the service and the breaking of the fast of Ramadan, on Saturday night, May 26, for about two dozen local Muslims. Ramadan, May 17 to June 15 this year,...

Spotlight House of Worship: Walking the labyrinth – a personal meditative journey

By DEBORAH ANN TRIPOLDI The “Houses of Worship” series spotlights local religious organizations. General information about the church is below. If you have religion news you think we should spotlight, please send to and A couple...

Beltaine: May in Montclair and UUCM celebrate May Day

By DEBORAH ANN TRIPOLDI A 12-foot pole with colorful ribbons flowing from a circle of flowers stood in Watchung Plaza Tuesday, May 1, waiting to kick off the 40th annual opening ceremony for May in...

UUCM senior co-ministers installed

Here is a link to our story on the new reverends from October- Spotlight House of Worship.

No hametz allowed: Passover food

By STEVEN DeSALVO For Montclair LocalIn the past few weeks, especially when you head to the grocery store, you may have noticed an increase in some food items labeled “Kosher for Passover.” What exactly does...

Spiritual Drumming: Keeping the pulse with the beat of many drums

By DEBORAH ANN TRIPOLDI Both women and men lugged giant drums behind them and headed up the ramp into a church on a Sunday afternoon. Richard Reiter, who is an Emmy-award winning composer, a jazz...