Red Gables

Photos: Bnai Keshet’s Red Gables Sanctuary gets a fresh coat of paint

Red Gables is getting ready to house immigrants as part of the Montclair Sanctuary Alliance.

New head of St. Teresa says goals include cutting $300,000 deficit

By LINDA MOSS moss@montclairlocal. newsThe new head of St. Teresa of Calcutta Parish, which was created a year ago through the strife-filled merger of two Montclair churches, on Sunday outlined his 10-point strategic plan for...

Halloween: Traditional customs, frightful fun

Halloween customs in different traditions, and some new ones, too.

Spotlight House of Worship: Interfaith series addresses sensitive topics

By DEBORAH ANN TRIPOLDI tripoldi@montclairlocal.newsThe “Houses of Worship” series spotlights local religious organizations. If you have religion news you think we should spotlight, please send to or Rev. Campbell Singleton III started the...

Photos: Purim party pleasures

Despite many metropolitan area cancellations of Purim Carnivals, and two cancelled locally, in Caldwell and in the Oranges, it is a happy holiday, celebrated this year on Monday night, March 9th, through Tuesday, March...

Bnai Keshet requests items to complete sanctuary

Bnai Keshet announced in a press release Wednesday that repairs to the third floor of Red Gables have been largely completed, paving the way for the 19th-century building to provide sanctuary under the auspices...

Holy days: Ramadan amplifies good deeds

Ramadan is a time when Muslims strengthen their faith. Ramadan continues until June 14.

Jonathan Alter to speak on Jewish values in the age of Trump

By GWEN OREL“When you think about tikkun olam, it’s ‘repair the world,’” said Jonathan Alter. “This dude ain’t repairing the world. You can say a lot about him but he’s not repairing the world.”Tikkun...

Montclair police, clergy setting up chaplain program

by ERIN ROLL roll@montclairlocal.newsThe Montclair Police Department will be adding some chaplains to its ranks. The department is bringing back a chaplain program as part of its community outreach efforts, as well as to assist during...