Ramadan in the pandemic an opportunity for reflection, Montclair imam says

Muslims observing Ramadan won't be able to attend large gatherings, due to capacity and spacing restrictions still in effect in the pandemic.

Houses of worship can welcome more back — some in Montclair will

"We know that, for many of our residents, the ability to worship together plays a central role in well-being and mental health," Murphy said. 

A Hanukkah menorah brings light in darkness

The Hanukkah menorah which symbolizes the holiday is a variation on the synagoguge menorah. Its many forms represent how Jews assimilate.

Sounds of the shofar, safely

Hearing the shofar blow is a commandment for Jews on Rosh Hashanah: and it must be heard live. Montclair synagogues have a plan.

Mt. Carmel ‘s decision not to reopen has parishioners questioning the future

Empty pews due to COVID-19 have meant empty collection baskets for churches throughout the region. Our Lady of Mount Carmel might be the first casualty.

Some Montclair houses of worship putting safety first, won’t reopen yet

On May 21 a letter was sent to Gov. Phil Murphy from a law firm representing 67 churches and their pastors and congregants arguing the right to assemble and worship. 

Shavuot: all-nighter, with dairy

On Shavuot, Jews study late into the evening, and, traditionally eat dairy foods. Here is a local congregant's recipe for blintzes.

Catholics go back to a very different church this week

This week, Catholics started going back to church as the buildings reopened under the direction of the Newark Archdiocese, but for personal prayers only.

Montclair Muslims adapt to loss of community gatherings for Ramadan

Like the rest of its residents, Montclair's Muslim community is adjusting to social distancing, adapting how they celebrate things like Ramadan.

Seeking Easter community, during COVID-19

Clergy and parishioners are celebrating Holy Week on Zoom and YouTube, and dyeing Easter eggs at home, to "gather in His name" this year.