Obituary: Carolyn Earl Tierney

Carolyn Earl Tierney

Fall recipe: got apples? Try soup!

Fall is the time to get apples. Now that you've got them, what will you do with them? Steven DeSalvo suggests you try soup.

In remembrance: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg discusses law, Shakespeare at MSU in 2017

This is reprint of an article published by Montclair Local three years ago, almost to day, when Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg visited Montclair.

MFEE seminars aim to help close Montclair learning gaps

The Montclair Fund for Educational Excellence hosted a Zoom seminar to find out what parents need to navigate the all-remote school year.

Obituary: William H. Murrell III

William H. Murrell III

Sounds of the shofar, safely

Hearing the shofar blow is a commandment for Jews on Rosh Hashanah: and it must be heard live. Montclair synagogues have a plan.

Obituary: Cynthia Mills-Duncan

Cynthia Mills-Duncan

Fall in Montclair: pumpkins and more

Pumpkins and apples and sunflowers are hallmarks of fall. Here are some suggestions about places to visit to bring them home.

Fall cocktails abound in Montclair

It’s time to meet for cocktails again.

Fall dining: Four alfresco favorites

After months of being told to stay home due to the pandemic, outdoor fall dining is the perfect way to ease back into Montclair eateries.