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Obituary: Barbara Semmel

Obituary: Barbara Semmel

College Bound: cultivate curiosity

In her latest "College Bound," Pat Berry advises essay-writers to cultivate their curiosity. Ask "how?" "Why" and even "What if?"

Photos: A rainy day doesn’t dampen the Sustainable World Conference

Notwithstanding the heavy rainy clouds outside creating a minor local climate 'crisis,' the largest crowd yet, of about 300 attendees, braved the weather to...

How to recycle in Montclair

Residents are reminded to only place designated recyclables in your recycling containers for curbside collection.

Montclair Jewish and African-American leaders find common cause

A special event held at Temple Ner Tamid Friday night revealed there is a lot more that unites the Jewish and African-American communities than divides them. 

Welcome to Montclair: The CPA could be more open

Would MLK pass the hurdles to join the Citizen Police Academy, or CPA, of Montclair, wonders Kirsten D. Levingston, in her latest "Welcome to Montclair."

Photos: Gratitude on a day of service for those who serve

Partnering with Operation Gratitude, YMCA of Montclair children and family members sign cards to be distributed to our service members, part of an ongoing...

Photos: YMCA volunteers build ‘Travel Kits’ for the Homeless

After Corine Sawadogo, the YMCA Volunteer Coordinator posted an online call-to-action, about 30 volunteers showed up Monday morning, Jan. 20, to assemble the donations...

Obituary: Stephen “Bones” Koenig

Stephen “Bones” Koenig

Montclair Girl Scouts featured on 2020 cookie boxes

Two Montclair girls are featured on this year’s Girl Scout cookie packages sold nationwide.