Letters for Rose: teens care for seniors

Letters for Rose Instagram: list of facilities Letters for Rose has worked with at end of article.By GWEN OREL orel@montclairlocal.newsIn a small assisted-living facility in...

Photos: Holiday lights for dark nights

 Looking for something to do on Boxing Day, and on days in between Christmas and New Year's Day?Drive around town as the sun goes...

Obituary: William Henry Nigh

William Henry Nigh

Montclair remembers Watchung Deli

The Watchung Deli, which opened in 1926, has closed its doors, leaving Montclair with fewer sandwiches and just memories.

Crane House and Historic YWCA wins national award

Residents can still get a virtual tour of the house and some winter decorating ideas using items found in the backyard and supermarket by viewing the house tour. 

Obituary: Peter D. Grieves

Peter D. Grieves

Obituary: Arthur ‘Art’ John Maher

Arthur 'Art' John Maher

Welcome to Montclair: 2021, year of the deer?

Will those who are not hunting the deer for a "culling" this year instead wear plaid shirts and shoot vaccine darts at unsuspecting passers by on Church Street, wonders Kirsten D. Levingston, in the latest "Welcome to Montclair."

Recipe of the month: Carbonara, easy and yummy

When you compare ease to deliciousness, carbonara has to be my all-time favorite pasta, writes Steven DeSalvo in "Recipe of the Month." The cheese/bacon combo tasts rich, but is easy to make.