Summer snaps and Aliyah Elizabeth-Rose Gibson

Lyric Gibson and her 9-month-old daughter, Aliyah Elizabeth-Rose, enjoy Brookdale Park, August 2019. Send us your summer snaps, Montclair!

Robin’s Nest: A quilt or a painting from the heart

In her latest "Robin's Nest," Robin Woods learns about the making of a quilt from a Montclair circle, and the painting of a home portrait.

Hurricane Dorian dogs now seeking homes in Montclair

BY JAIMIE JULIA WINTERS winters@montclairlocal.newsRevlon, a new Montclair transplant from South Carolina, ran around retrieving balls thrown by Montclair Animal Shelter Director Liz Morgan behind...

In Brief: Wellmont partners with Mental Health Association to recognize Suicide Prevention Month

The Wellmont Theater will match a portion of the proceeds to the MHA and will provide an opportunity for audience members to make $1 individual contributions when they purchase tickets through Ticketmaster.

Mother Matters: Strategies for a nice September day

Pause, compartmentalize, breathe and decompress, to have a good September day, writes Loyla Louvis in the latest "Mother Matters."

Photos: First day of school in Montclair

Montclair children went back to school, today, Sept. 5.
James Thomas Johnson

Obituary: James Thomas Johnson

James Thomas Johnson, of Montclair, died on Thursday, Aug. 26, 2019. Mr. Johnson was born on Oct. 24,1932 in the small city of Charlotte County,...

To Your Health: Stay healthy during the transition to fall

During the transition to fall, be sure to eat right, get enough sleep, writes Dr. Elizabeth Ramos-Genuino in the latest 'To Your Health.'

Gardening: digging was therapy for Emer Featherstone

Emer Featherstone's garden was inspired by Irish gardens of her youth, writes Patricia Conover. Featherstone also found gardening therapeutic.