A look back at the Freedom Train’s time in Montclair (History and Heritage)

The train was painted white with red and blue stripes, and on each car there was an eagle painted in gold. 

Go back in time with these apple recipes from founding Montclairians

Erin Benz, collections manager at the Montclair History Center, offered up some options that date back to the early Montclairians.

How the iconic memorial came to Edgemont Park (History and Heritage)

Montclair lost 69 young men during World War I. As soon as the war was over the citizens of Montclair recognized their responsibility to honor them for their service. But how?

Shultz house bought by Montclair family

A Montclair family has purchased the historic “Evergreens” Shultz house from the Montclair History Center with plans to restore it.

Montclair’s magnetic appeal to artists

By the late 1800s, a “colony” of artists had flocked to Montclair, taking advantage of the mostly farm- and parklike landscapes to use as backdrops in their works of art. 

Edgemont war memorial as powerful now as in 1925 (History and Heritage)

This memorial is integrated into the official logo for the Township of Montclair.

The Bloomfield Avenue that might have been — sleek, modern, totally different

“What you’re about to see is no April Fool’s joke," viewers of a Montclair History Center presentation on the alternate vision for Bloomfield Avenue were told.

Historic Osborne Estate on 3-acre park is available for $4M

The historic Edmund Burke Osborne Estate on three acres in Montclair will be up for sale at $3,995,000.

Programs to help Montclairians jump-start their gardens

As gardening is regaining popularity, two groups are offering sustainable and organic ways to make your garden grow.  

Montclair founding father’s deed preserved by library

The deed of Azariah Crane is said to be Montclair’s first non-indigenous resident and dates back to 1752.