To your health: Have a heart and shed some pounds

Lower the risk of heart disease by losing weight: Dr. Kenneth S. Bannerman will give a talk on metabolic syndrome on Thursday, Feb. 28.

Montclair group helps parents find light during a dark time

By ERIN ROLL roll@montclairlocal.newsThree Montclair women have made it their mission to help families work through the grief of losing a baby to stillbirth or miscarriage.Denise Cante, Erin Truxillo and Jennifer Brown are the founders...

To Your Health: Pins and needles, neuropathy?

Those annoying pins and needles could be trying to tell you something.

Lead cases on the rise; Montclair Health Department monitoring children

By Jaimie Julia Winters winters@montclairlocal.newsWhen childhood lead poisoning became a priority statewide in 2018, Montclair health officials took action in their own backyard.The number of Montclair children with reported high levels of lead rose...

To your health: safeguard your health, check things out

If something doesn't feel right, check it out. Women are at risk too.

To Your Health: Staying safe in summer sun

Tips to stay safe in summer sun.

To your health: five bad excuses not to get a colonoscopy

Think you've got a good reason not to schedule a colonoscopy? Think again, writes Dr. John Imesi in our latest "To Your Health."

To your health: do you know your blood pressure and other numbers?

New blood pressure guidelines put half of Americans at risk. Know your numbers and stave off heart disease.

To Your Health: back-to-school wellness

Check-ups, vaccines and diet are on the back-to-school curriculum.

News in brief: Lead testing for children

The Montclair Department of Health and Human Services, in partnership with the Hackensack UMC Mountainside Family Practice, announces a Lead Screening Program for children ages 1-6 years.As lead exposure continues to be an ongoing...