hearing aids

Group helps seniors hear again at no cost

By Wilma Hurwitz for Montclair LocalThousands of seniors are in need of hearing aids, but many go without, finding the average cost of $2,500 per device too staggering on a fixed income. Without being able...

To Your Health: Common concerns during breast cancer awareness month

Editor’s note: This series will be written by practitioners in Summit Medical Group (SMG) on health-related topics. This piece is by Afshan Khan, DO, a family medicine physician specializing in women’s health at Montclair Family Medicine...

To Your Health: What’s the risk on ovarian cancer?

Ovarian cancer is among the top 10 cancers affecting women in the U.S. and a cause of cancer death in women. Dr. Karen Dias-Martin discusses risk.

To Your Health: back-to-school wellness

Check-ups, vaccines and diet are on the back-to-school curriculum.

To Your Health: Staying safe in summer sun

Tips to stay safe in summer sun.

To Your Health: Pins and needles, neuropathy?

Those annoying pins and needles could be trying to tell you something.

To your health: noticing signs of strokes can save your life

By DAVID BLADY Special to Montclair LocalEditor’s note: This series is written by doctors at Summit Medical Group (SMG) on health-related topics. This month’s author is David Blady, MD, a neurologist in Glen Ridge. He...

Murphy’s plans to fight opioids, help pregnant women

By Kelly Nicholaides for Montclair Local Roughly three percent of Montclair’s population, including 661 children, live below the federal poverty line and are among the state’s most vulnerable population targeted under Gov. Phil Murphy’s healthcare agenda. At...

To Your Health: Preventing and managing diabetes

Editor’s note: This series will be written by practitioners from  Summit Medical Group on health-related topics. This month's author is endocrinologist Dr. Alessia Roehnelt. She has specialized training in neck ultrasound aspirations and is an...

Law would open up medical marijuana to all patients, all doctors

By Jaimie Julia Winters winters@montclairlocal.newsThe owner of Greenleaf Compassion Center in Montclair says he is ready to meet the demand of more patients seeking medical marijuana when the law is passed making the plant accessible...