Gardening for Life: peas and lettuce are great to plant now

What to plant in April: Jose German has suggestions

Gardening for Life: Getting ready for fall and winter

The summer is over and the start of fall is bringing cooler weather. Jose German offers a list of steps to help your garden hibernate.

Everything is coming up irises at Presby

By Erin The Presby Iris Gardens or Montclair’s “Rainbow on the Hill” is expected to give way to some spectacular blooms over the next few weeks. The long-cold winter may have been hard on...

Gardening for Life: Winter is a season to plan

Jose German is a New Jersey environmental activist, Essex County certified master gardener and Montclair resident. He is the founder of the Northeast Earth Coalition (, a nonprofit environmental organization.By JOSE GERMAN For Montclair Local“There...

Gardening for Life: Fresh herbs are easy, why not try?

Herbs are useful and fragrant, and easy to grow.