Gardening for life: fighting climate change

In his latest "Gardening for Life," Jose German, founder of the Northeast Earth Coalition, discusses what people can do to fight climate change.

Gardening for life: Wrapping up gardening season

Now is the season to plan for the spring and summer, writes Jose German in the latest "Gardening for Life." And don't forget: "Leave the leaves!"

MHS students plant for the community

Montclair High School students are giving back to the community with a garden in Rand Park. They are hosting a Fall Festival on Nov. 21.

Gardening for Life: Connecting with nature

Connecting to nature can bring peace into your life, writes Jose German in "Gardening for Life." Mother Nature is the universe's Master Gardener, he says!
ABCs of Montclair

Fall into fall with the ABCs of Montclair

Get out your phones, your datebooks, your Hipster PDAs — whatever you use — and put down some dates. Fall in Montclair is already hopping, and the season hasn’t even officially started yet!To help...

Gardening: digging was therapy for Emer Featherstone

Emer Featherstone's garden was inspired by Irish gardens of her youth, writes Patricia Conover. Featherstone also found gardening therapeutic.

Gardening for life: landscaping to help the globe

Landscaping our yards and gardens are the perfect places to start, to act globally, writes Jose German in the latest "Gardening for Life.".

Gardening: A ‘design for living’ from Cynthia Corhan-Aitken

Once a bridal gown designer, Cynthia Corhan-Aitken began designing gardens when she and her family moved to Montclair. A look at her 'secret garden.'

Gardening for Life: Summer maintenance and holistic gardening

Gardening is relaxing and therapeutic, writes Jose German in his latest "Gardening for Life." He suggests tips to keep your summer garden healthy.

Gardening for Life: special care for summer plants

In his latest "Gardening for Life," Jose German shares tips to keep summer plants happy and healthy. Mulch, water and feed, he says!