Gardening for Life: Winter is the time to plan your spring garden

By Jose German For Montclair LocalJose German is a New Jersey environmental activist, Essex County Certified Master Gardener and Montclair resident. He is the founder of the Northeast Earth Coalition, an nonprofit environmental organization. Winter is...

MKA celebrates Earth Day with recycling, composting and gardening

In celebration of Earth Day 2018, the students and faculty at Montclair Kimberley Academy, are focusing on programs that help reduce waste in meaningful ways and connecting with service learning initiatives throughout the three campuses.  From...
ABCs of Montclair

Fall into fall with the ABCs of Montclair

Get out your phones, your datebooks, your Hipster PDAs — whatever you use — and put down some dates. Fall in Montclair is already hopping, and the season hasn’t even officially started yet!To help...

Gardening for life: during the time COVID-19

Rather than feeling like a prisoner at home, make your outdoor space an open classroom, writes Jose German in the latest "Gardening for Life."

Gardening for life: landscaping to help the globe

Landscaping our yards and gardens are the perfect places to start, to act globally, writes Jose German in the latest "Gardening for Life.".

Gardening for Life: Time to re-engineer?

If you look out the window and do not like what you see, it may be time to re-engineer your garden, writes Jose German in the latest 'Gardening for Life.'

Gardening for Life: Fresh herbs are easy, why not try?

Herbs are useful and fragrant, and easy to grow.

Gardening for Life: a journey to becoming a gardener

Master gardener Jose German-Gomez describes his journey to 'Gardening for Life.'

Gardening for Life: Connecting with nature

Connecting to nature can bring peace into your life, writes Jose German in "Gardening for Life." Mother Nature is the universe's Master Gardener, he says!

Gardening for Life: Getting ready for fall and winter

The summer is over and the start of fall is bringing cooler weather. Jose German offers a list of steps to help your garden hibernate.